Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Playstation 3 games will look something like this

You know how I am about games…games become out of date so quickly, I know. But Modgamer’s Blog just gotten overrated ya know – 360 hits in one day? Man - I don’t know what he has…but IGN.com does the exact same coverage. His E3 article got so many hits which he could have and may have gotten the screenshots off Gamespot.com. The pic of the Unreal 3 engine is amazing! This could defiantly be used as a first Playstation 3 picture. We know PS3 will have a 256-MB ATI videocard inside powered by a .11 micron IBM processor more powerful than 1 GHz. Epic may indeed be developing Unreal Tournament 4 for it. Half-life 2 will look as good as this. Again I wonder what video card is used at what resolution? And it’ll keep improving too. Look at the screenshots of Xenosaga Episode 2 for Playstation 2…it is much better then Episode 1. The limitation of the Playstation 2 is this…when you have models far away, they look awful, but when models are close, they look better.

Next Generation Unreal technolegy | Thanks Modgaming for the URL

.:: American Mcgee’s Alice Movie still out there ::.

Anyways on more games to movies feature, Wes Craven (Director of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, and Nightmare of Elm Street) is going to direct a movie called Dark Wonderland due out this June. Film Force @ IGN.com says the project is still alive. The movie comes from the 2000 Platform Game of the Year, American McGee’s Alice. It had very good graphics at the time, still does if you max out the settings on your new computer. The game was scary in a way. Still it is unique from other platform games and received the M rating. The first mature platform game was Cocker’s Bad Fur Day for the N64. In the IMG interview, the movie has full backing by veteran horror director Wes Craven, and probably won’t have 1 star attached too it. Okay so I thought that Resident Evil: The Movie was going to be somewhat good. But it’s not good at all…just some first time actors doing mediocre acting. I heard they took any townsfolk and make them all zombies! Film Force at IGN.com has a very detailed and updated section on Game-to- Movie conversions.

I want to see the Steven Stelberg version of Fatal Flame. Yes, I was surprised Steven was going to produce a game-to-movie conversion himself. Fatal Flame 2 was released on PS2 and remains the scariest and most detailed horror videogame for the console. It looks better than Silent Hill 2.

..: Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball in the News! ::.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (2002 Tecmo)

Here is the most ridiculous news of the day. Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball has been out for over a year and the news media just found out about it this week? Gee, they are slow to cover these things. I hear lawyers are trying to sue Tecmo for showing half-naked Japanese animation in their popular Xbox game, Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball. Tecmo fights back saying that what they are doing is completely legal by the ESRB limitations. I like to say I own this game, and I admit, I never play this around my parents since it may make them….you know…uncomfortable, these girls have big boobs thus making them pretty enough to turn some men “on!” Don’t forget THQ has released a bikini volleyball game of their own complete with naughty pictures for the Xbox exclusive title, Xtreme Beach Volleyball. When Xplay covered this game, they were some parts they couldn’t show on television because it was censored stuff! Rumors are you can play your characters completely nude during gameplay by unlocking a mod! Why else would they make Xtreme Beach Volleyball M rated? It has something to do with “stretching.” So why are they trying to go after Tecmo? I’m more mature than to go completely gaga over DoA Beach Volleyball. It just makes me a little less “lonely” when I play it. Of course, I am also one of those guys who can consider anime girls cute. “God, have I sinned by playing this game?” Comment on your thoughts on this. I know I would buy the sequel if it ever came out…that would be fun.