Thursday, May 13, 2004

New Zelda game shown at E3, Los Angeles

Unofficial Final Fantasy Webpages seem to disappear as quickly as they appear! Popularity of Final Fantasy games is huge…I own all the Final Fantasys except for Tactics for PSone. I like to give attention to this site it’s not mine, and it’s been updated a few times. I like it because it has a lot of screenshots ordered into categories. If you want to see the end of Final Fantasy X…go ahead. One thing that I gave this site a FIVE is that Final Fantasy 1 – 9 don’t apply. It seems to me that a lot of these sites like to include Xenosaga in their reviews because it is thought as “Final Fantasy in Space.” In my page I like to include Disgaga: Hour of Darkness, Legend of Dragoon, Arc the Lad, Xenosaga, and Grandia. I believe that a fan site shouldn’t be restricted to just Square-Enix games. Yes, it is true Square-soft comes out with the majority of console RPGs, but remember there is also RPGs that are good not under the Final Fantasy category or Square-Enix category. It makes me want to greatly improve my Square-Enix page beyond just reviews and character BIOS. My page will have screenshots and other console RPGs including Kingdom Hearts if I can get a review up. I’m about 90% finished with Kingdom Hearts. I also made a webpage section last year for Diablo 2, Dungeon Siege, Final Fantasy X and Neverwinter Nights called Ian’s RPG Guild. While not very updated with PICs and gamefaqs. I use to like to keep personal updates. You can go to it here:

It seems that Nintendo released a bomb on E3 in Los Angeles yesterday. One of Nintendo’s top secret titles was a Legend of Zelda title, and not the cell shaded link either. The game looks every bit as good as Resident Evil and Metriod Prime 2: Echoes, and Link is all grown up this time. Gamers had a short FMV in Space World 2000 with Link...NIntendo gamers have gone crazy I tell you. As you know Wind Waker was one of the highest rated games on the Gamecube. It seems that Legend of Zelda (tenitive title) eitherwill be a sequel to Orcania of Time or a remake of Legend of Zelda for the NES. I can't tell. I am a fan of Zelda games, this will be a hot game when it comes out. Looks to be the best console game from E3 in my opinion! I think it will play like Orcania of Time. covers the whole conference. Nintendo is doing something right…this is an example of it. Screenshot below. The 3 console manufactures are suppose to show 2006 consoles either tomorrow or next day. That’ll be exciting.
logo for the HTML Station
logo for the HTML Station
Legend of Zelda - Gamecube (TBA 2005)

Okay, what have I been doing today? Well - I went to school and signed up for fall classes at WITC. I am worried about Network Indusial because companies do DOS and it is obsolete in my opinion. Hate to affend hard working 90s era technicians, but this is the 21st century we're talking about. DOS doesn’t crash, but Unix will not crash that often either so why not upgrade? Some larger companies don’t see that they need to upgrade. For example Thicknet will work fine for DOS and it’s dirt cheap to install and get a hold of. I want a GUI on my job, Damn it! Not very interesting except I did get the first cd image for Doom III beta. The 2nd part didn’t’ download – it’s downloading as we speak. I don’t see why Doom III is more popular on Xbox? I know people some people don’t have a powerful computer that does graphics better than the X-Box. Good for them. First Person Shooters rule on the PC – and no one can change my mind about that. I went to and they have all the games listed in popularity. Doom 3 for Xbox was ranked 3 in popularity. It’s a fun site because it shows on a daily bases if a game gained popularity or not.

Afterwards I got to scrape mold off the floor – Dad and I tore up an old carpet, and there was mold underneath stuck to the floor with glue. It was grunt work. Dad ran out of Coke so I ran into the gas station to buy him two 24 pack cases.

Yesterday Randy and I found some time to spend 3 hours together. He’s one of my friends – and I have a very short list. He was looking on E-Bay on some cars. He wants to install a Chevy Corvette engine in a quarter ton pickup and make it 400 plus horse power. He’s not doing it himself – he has help from the local car mechanic. He says it’ll skid when you press the gas because the torc is too much for it. It’s his “fun truck.” I showed him my Playstation emulator. It didn’t work the first or second time – but I finally got it too work after 10 tries. He commented that his computer doesn’t like being a Playstation. I told him about school and he told me about work and his future projects. I told him that MTV rots his brain and he laughs. I can say things to him and he takes it with a grain of salt….that’s what I love about him!

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