Saturday, February 07, 2004

My PC had the crash of the century. Read more....

Date: 2/7/04 at 1:39PM

Hi, everybody. Yeah know what happened to me today? I went to a Eagle Scout ceremony. It wasn't half bad. Just that I never were friends with Rance. Long ago when I was a boy scout, he came in, since his dad was the big cheese, the Scout Master, he was usually commanding us around. But that was okay, someone had to make decisions. A good example is when we planned campouts. All I had to do is describe it. Rance had to organize it. I know how it was, I was Patrol Leader too. There was this kid bugging me, made me feel crazy, so I quit scouts all together. I left scouts when I was turning 17, and just reached Life Rank (not lying here.) It wasn't the really the kid that bugged me at times when I was slow in speech. I hated to be slow in thought. It was that I haven't really did my part as a scout. I was scribe and Patrol Leader for 7 weeks. Not the best one either. I could make decisions, but that's about it. I couldn't teach how to do knots (except for a few) or calm the younger kids down. You get the idea. I know I wasn't good because I wasn't voted in The Order of the Arrow. I wanted to be, but I was never elected. Well I thought, it's time to leave. Well, it's 2 years later, and I'm too old for scouts. I'm probably the only guy from the troop long ago that will be at his ceremony. I haven't seen Rance for over a year. I hear he's kinda immature for his age now. So I was iffy on whether or not I would go. So I go.

(3 Hours Later) I got back from the Eagle Ceremony. Bob, Joe, Justis, and former scouts were there. I said hello to a couple of them, told them about my school what I do. I couldn't began to talk about how I hate Microsoft sometimes. I talked to some people about using MS Windows to play games and surf the Internet. I'm know I'm not like most adults who don't play computers and Linux. Then I left. I didn't want to spoil Rance's fun. I felt like I couldn't say anything good to him. I went just to see him be awarded. I felt like I was going to embarrass myself talking why I left. I was a little interested on why there was a teenager wearing a SCC letter jacket. I pretended I didn't know him. State Reps and boy scout board members were also there. I just didn't feel up to speaking to all of the people i use to know.

Today, I tried to install Linux on my Dell. Something went wrong, and now I can't access Windows XP. I put in Redhat Installation CD tried to load a driver to recognize the hard disk. It was Intel driver that worked but then froze. So I then tried renaming all the drives to NTFS so that the drives could be combined, which worked. But Windows XP still didn't boot. My last choice is try to install Windows XP again, and use the cds to reinstall the software. I found out Dell computers are actually anti-Linux machines. The process should of went smoothly when I re disputed free space for Linux with Partition Magic. P.M.8 is the best there is. So today will suck trying to reinstall all the games / programs on it. But I know it can be done, that's the best turnout. I installed Linux a dozen times, and this never happened.

Life has been really good lately. The computer was just a minor set back. I'm only lost 1 of 3 computers I have access too. If the worst happens, I won't lose much data. My last backup was one week ago. I think I'll do my Micro Operating Systems II homework tonight because nothings going on 'till tomorrow.

Going to play Final Fantasy X-2 tonight, game store tomorrow. Yes, I know I've been on that title forever (over two months). I haven't completed that game yet. I want to see if Yuna mets Tidus or if she falls for someone else. If I had a choice if I liked Final Fantasy X or FFX-2 better, I would defiantly pick FFX-2. It has minor improvements, plus your character has more freedom on where to go. Freedom and less lunar gameplay makes games more interesting and more fun. FFX had some very hard bosses. While that Boss at the end of Zanterkan was very hard in FFX-2, it didn't stop me from beating him. I like FFX and FFX-2 because u can do a lot of magic combos that do good damage. Though, in my opinion, Final Fantasy X for Playstation 2 had a better script. The number of save spheres in the game were there when you needed them. I rate FFX script a 5/5 but I give FFX-2 a 3/5 for script. The story probably isn't as deep as Metal Gear Solid, but isn't to bad. In both games, my reason to play them both are watching the cut scenes because they did make good use of the physics engine. This is something I admire in a game

Now Readers, I am proud to present Gaming, -again -

I want to go to the game store, and buy a game called Winning Eleven 6 for PS2. But i don't think they will have it used. I only have one other soccer game and that's FIFA 2002 for Gamecube. I use to play it a lot. And I gotten rusty on the gameplay so why just play it again. It's free. Perhaps I'll make time before homework to play a couple soccer matches. We don't have Fox Sports World so I don't get to see soccer ever. I never ask my dad because he hates soccer. He's a big Vikings fan.

Comments on Winning Eleven 6: So far it looks really cool. On the box, the header has "The Worlds Best Soccer Game is coming to North America." I knew that Winning Eleven was a big series in Europe and Japan. It was on the #2 spot last year for 2 months. I played both FIFA 2002 and this game. This game looks a little more animated (although FIFA 2002 had better graphics on Gamecube). I tried out the training section, and the game told me which buttons to push for what moves. If you own a Playstation 2, this is a good buy! It's not a cheap, buggy game, it's as good as any of EA Sport's soccer games. Trust me on this!

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