Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Knoppix is the best self boot Linux in exsistance

Date: 2/10/04 at 7:08PM

My dell is okay now. Not that I was going to have a heart-attack, but it scared me half to death. Unknown to me at the time, it has a RAID hard drive. It shouldn’t make any difference, but it does. I called tech support, and the guy on the phone said turn your RAID setting off, and set Primary drive to AUTO. That would do her, I installed WINXP PRO back on, and it’s awesome to have it working. I found out that Norton Antivirus and PSP 8.0 came with the DELL as free software. At school, our class ran out of “linux boxes” so Steve gave us Knoppix. Knoppix (http://www.knoppix.net) boots off CD, and runs the KDE desktop. Hmm. Very cool. Read my review (text) at http://www.geocities...s101/knoppix3.3.html. It’s cool because I can do my assignments on almost any computer. Steve told me that if Knoppix gets to 4.0, he’ll call up his tech buddy, and tell him to download the huge 740+ MB ISO file. The OS seems to use every bit of 700 MB the CD gives it.

I wonder when Bob can come over again? Wednesday is a free day for me, and it would be fun for us to play some games. He has a job to keep, and books to study, all at the same time. Bob, you see, uses computers only for the Internet, chat and word processing. I am willing to give him Knoppix, but I don’t think he’ll take it. He doesn’t like Linux now. He had it on his computer for a short time. Mandrake 6.0 is not the best Linux version. He, of course, couldn’t get it too work well on his machine (he was only running 300 MHz with 64 MB of RAM in 1999), but he got access to the Internet, and ICQ worked. I have Mandrake Linux 6.2 (older Linux, like 1999 or something) and those things aren’t easy to install. I tried installing it just for the heck of it a few months back. I couldn’t get pass the real mode part of it. This was an early REAL MODE build of Mandrake Setup.

And Bob - I really do think your webpage is funny. Just that I wish u change your stories. How about u be a popular rockstar. You’ll be the next Metallica! U can still have your super hero adventures - but a rock star - that would be much cooler! Hey man, just giving you some ideas. That would be you. I’ll be your drummer. Okay. Say I’m the best gull darn drummer in the whole gull darn world. I bet your ratings would go higher, twice than normal! We’re playing Paint it Black okay Bob!?! Say your latest cd sold 4 million copies the first day!

Alright already, I’ll stop talking about Linux. My friend came over two days ago. It’s probably the best fun I had the whole week. Not everyday do I get to play videogames with a friend. We played soccer and each won 2 games. The first two games were 0-0. We had a goalie shoot-out after the two over times. Guess who won? Me! In Randy’s opinion, FIFA 2002 was better then Winning Eleven 6 although he mentioned the players weren’t as ‘smart’ as Winning Eleven 6. We had a hard time scoring goals. Our balls were either two high or no where near the net. LOL! That wasn’t all we played, others were Project Gotham (Xbox), Midnight Club II (Playstation 2), Toyko Extreme Racer 3 (PS2) Mario Kart Double Dash (GCN) and Super Mario Bros. (NES) Randy still plays his NES at home all the time so he’s good at it. He can make it to level 8.3. He knows where the secret bean stock is in 4.2 so he teleports to 8.1. I’m still in 4.1. I take the secret pipe area in 2.1. Die on the spot! I have 0 lives, and he has 6 or more lives at the beginning of 8.2, then he dies 6 times after that. Now that I own an old school console, I don’t want to play it. It’s one of those ‘I have it now; I can concentrate on today’s games’ day. The console is as old as I am. Randy and I should eventually play SMB through JNES which comes with a LAN/Ethernet option for player 2. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE T!

Tomorrow, I’ll have to start writing a script for Justin and myself. Justin is my partner for Network Cabling, one of my classes at WITC. Although what we do isn’t important, it’s important that the script be at least 15 minutes long. Reading very slow will just confuse people. Fiber Optic cable really amazes me. That’s my report! We are doing a long essay on it. It can transfer 2 GB of data per second! That’s state-of-the-art I think. The CAT IV COAXIL cables that WITC uses, you’ve guessed it, are very weak in comparison. However, it’s still incredibly fast. I don’t think I could find enough downloads to make it worth while. I click Download, 2 Seconds later I’m done. Find another page, another download. You get the general idea here. I have dial up, so everything’s fast too me. But you know, having 160 KB transfer rates can only provide so much. Confused? Our school has fast Internet, but not as fast as I would like. It should be faster! Like 512KBPS or 1 MBPS. However, I don’t think that will be possible for another 3 years at least. Just by how the funding goes.

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