Monday, February 02, 2004

Jeep back, more bad weather, missing two credits

Date: 2/4/04 at 12:51AM

My comments on the Super Bowl are I caught a glance at the Patriots rejoicing at the end and went to bed. It’s nice playing in a state-of-the-art football stadium like Houston. This team also won the 2002 Super Bowl. Minnesota Vikings Running Back Carl Eller got into the Football Hall of Fame today (7th Hall of Famer for the Vikings.) I never heard of the him. Hmm, I wonder if the Vikes will get their act together for the 2004 season. Again they’ll most likely win the first game and maybe the second. But mid-season they’ll just plunge to the bottom of the chart. I don’t think coaching has anything to do with it. The group doesn’t seem focused on the game and they make stupid mistakes like Dante under throwing the football and 50 yard passes to Randy Moss. One things for sure, the Vikings turned all offense, and that’s not like them. Historically the Vikings have been better defensive then offensive.

Well I am just puzzled that I forgot about the 2004 Daytona 500. This was the Winston cup, but there is also the Nextel Cup, featuring Nascar drivers one class below. All seems the same to me. I don’t have any favorite Nascar drivers myself. Sometimes the Daytona 500 isn’t always 500 laps. One year it was cut short in recent history because of thunderstorms. The name Daytona 500 just sticks to it. It reminds me of Daytona USA (Daytona USA 2 in arcades) for Dreamcast. I miss that game. The classic arcade game is really fun. Some day when the arcade game disappears from arcades I’ll buy it from an antique dealer at a great price, put it in my house and play on it. It’s interesting I haven’t seen Daytona USA 2 at Aladdin’s Palace (arcade in Maplewood Mall) when I went with my friend Bob and his friend Angie. My reasons are that it’s a game with the same backbone of the original. I am very fond of the orginal. It has that arcade feel and I just felt good sitting behind the wheel and spending a dollar on a race. I'm not a expert driver though. Daytona USA 2 has high resolution graphics, more tracks, better soundtrack, and nicer screen. Only reason I know about it was it is at the local Wal-mart. Daytona USA 2 is very similar to Rush 2049 (Atari racer in Arcades). Other Nascar games I own are Nascar ‘99 for N64, Nascar Thunder 2003 for Xbox, and Daytona USA for Saturn. Daytona USA for Saturn the least favorite of them all. It’s going to odd come 2005 not seeing Sega as a major cotenant in the console race. I’m sure there are many people favoring Playstation 3, and that’ll leave no room for Sega.

The college caught me with my pants down again. (another figure of speech) This time it was that I enrolled in a class I never went too this year. Now I can’t go to it because class has been going on for 3 weeks. It was basically a class I took before in high school. WITC has this particular class set up as a 3 credit course. I am waiting for my youth options course to transfer over to WITC to replace this 3 credit course. That’s that story. If it doesn’t then I am going to look for another excuse for missing this class. Okay, the problem isn’t that I missed the class. The problem is I took this class during high school, missed an important Spanish class (so I can’t speak Spanish now), and now WITC may / may not except my C+ grade. My high school wanted me in college. You know what WITC told me, “Well Ian. At least you can do it over again better!” I didn’t know whether or not to get mad at the WITC consoler who dragged me into this, and basically said, “You don’t have enough credits to be half-time. Come see me tomorrow. Have a nice day.”

I got my Jeep today. It looked better then I thought. My views were it would be multicolored with a black grill and black side panel over the right wheel. The door doesn’t shut as well as it did before the crash. But Jeff Johnson’s Autobody in Hudson did a superb job on fixing it up. I’m really happy to be moble again. The weathers about 3 degrees above freezing. More hydroplaining on the roads. May be dangerous tomorrow.

This is Ian signing off.....

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