Saturday, February 21, 2004

I put Heidi Klum on my webpage today

Date: 2/21/04 at 2:55AM

Imaging website templates before you create them is hard work. I spent an hour on created a new logo (not the one from 4 days ago) for the 2004C template. I like Heidi Klum so she’s my main point of interest on the new site. Everything’s backwards compatible with my recent pages. I think this is much more exciting. Paint is a awesome tool if you use it right. At it’s core (website), there’s nothing new. Haven't added interesting pages anyways. I’m been making webpages since 1999, and I haven’t quite figured out if updating is the key factor or creating new templates is the key factor. Creating new webpages can make your site look nicer plus could make link checking easiler. Create all new links that day. I had this trouble building a webpage in July 2003. I had this cool webpage I made, spent a 1 week, and it’s still worst than the last template I made in February. Except I made many, many improvements, fixed links, too the eariler one. I find that updating new templates are much better practice. I worked on 4 new templates in 3 months. I believe the one I made in January was the best. But it comes somewhat close to version 3.0. Just look at the page.

I’m really excited for Dungeon Siege 2. I own Dungeon Siege, and I played it in 2001 and early 2002. I beat Dungeon Siege (both maps that came with cd), and the graphics were cool back them. Mediocre by today’s standards. The ability to equip yourself with a sturdy sword and shield is a good feeling. I kinda forgot about Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction after I played Dungeon Siege. It doesn’t look very good on faster computers. Niether was Diablo 2. Diablo 2 looked horrible but played well. It ran decently on my old 650 MHz (which I gave to my dad in 2001) Athlon Compaq Presario with 256MB of Ram and 32MB Geforce. Today I have a 64 MB Geforce 3, and it doesn’t look to much different than on my other computer with 256 Geforce. The difference is also 700 MHz. The polygon count must not exceed a certain amount. Not like Unreal Tournament 2003 which looks awesome on my Geforce 4 256MB. I run it at 1600/1200 res, with 3 layers of anti-analyzing on. It makes it look better than Unreal Champtionship for Xbox.

Speaking of RPGs, I have Neverwinter Nights, and I forgot about it . I mean one big advantage is it does run in 1600/1200 high resolution mode having 4 layers of Anti analyzing. I didn't have 'nice' 4 layers because it affected my performance just a tad. NWN runs great over a v.92 modem. I am very novice when it comes to that game. It's been weeks since I last played it with school going on and everything. I’ve been in combat but died quickly. My character of choice is the half-orc barbarian. I played the game today. I met this guy online. He helped he though the forgotten realms. I was playing Hordes of the Underdark. Everyone’s playing some sort of mod online. Less then half the games on the Internet come with the cd-rom. Half the time you have to download data files. My game version was out of date I had version 1.61 and it’s now version 1.62b2. It takes me about 20 minutes just to download the new patch. I usually download these big files over at school, and bring it home on my personal thumb stick. I got to play for about 3 hours before I got tired of doing nothing.

I got a new 40 Gigabyte internal hard drive for my computer. I think I will load Windows 98SE on it. I hate to waste an activation on Windows XP Pro Upgrade CD which is running on my 120 GB 7200 ATA harddrive. Windows 98SE is free. There is this device that lets you switch between 3 hard drives, and I want that device. You can find it off I have 2 hard drives installed, and I’ll install the new one maybe tomorrow. Fun, more space to full with MP3s. I only have about 6 Gigabytes of them. 37 GB – 6 GB - 600 MB for Win98 = 30.4 GB of free space. That’s still a lot of space. On my Dell, I have a 114 GB Scuzzy Drive (super fast hard drive). I could store all my games I want to play including entire MP3 collection with about 85 Gigabytes left of free space. I have 3 computers (5 hard drives) so 15.5 GB + 112 GB + 109 GB + 37GB + 37GB = 310.5 GB of free space.

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