Sunday, February 01, 2004

Everyday surfing a new experience, everday a broad

Date: 2/1/04 at 3:52AM

Hello world. It’s me again creating my 25th wonderful blog of myself. I created a new quote “Everyday surfing a new experience, everyday a broader understanding of music.” I made it up myself. I’ll translate, it means, “Everyday I try a different song, the more songs I listen too, the more I know which ones I like the most.” Every days a new experience. Thanks to the Internet I have songs I never thought I listen too and like. I rediscovered a new group of radio station from Yahoo’s Launch Radio. It’s a lot like

Bob, his friend Angie, and I went to the mall today. It was more fun to hang around Bob then most days. I went into Hot Topic for the first time. It would be hard to describe. At first appearance, the hard metal was disturbing. The room was filled with Slopknot, Iron Maiden t-shirts, a lot of piercing and odd bumper stickers. I had to leave it, Bob wouldn’t leave. Because I wasn’t causing trouble, everyone could see that, maybe this crowd would just vanish. That wouldn’t mean Bob would have to vanish with them, but he looked like he’s use to this place. Any how, Angie’s the more silent type of females. She hasn’t spoken one word to me today. I didn’t want to embarrass her in front of Bob. She’s not in high school and doesn’t act like one either. Then Bob, her, and I walked into Spencer. I heard the name somewhere before. Small world, heh? See, it was full of expensive clocks with neon lights. I wanted those neon clocks, but seventy dollars for a small clock like that. Of course, no! That is defiantly price gouging I think. Then, I look on the other shelf and saw a weird clock 50% off, and it didn’t look half as good as the neon clocks I saw.

Time passed, I went over to Suncoast and bought a couple DVDs. First was Man with no Name trilogy (Clint Eastwood) and then I got 10 John Wayne B movies. It was that choice or games. I also wanted Final Fantasy 7 for the PC, that’s a really old game. That game should only be 14 bucks used I had the money. Hey I thought, Wow I getting 10 John Wayne movies for 40 dollars, what a bargain! Just as I said before. Clint Eastwood acts like John Wayne sometimes. Did anyone see a lot of similarities between The Shootist and Unforgiven? Dad said the John Wayne movies I got weren’t his good ones. I was disappointed.

School on Monday. I have to study for a test like every week after this. It’s not hard – just he basics of taking apart computers. But soon it will be harder. It will get in depth and talk about all the buses and microchips on a motherboard. I know where most of them are. I want to do well in this class. Classmates are treating me well, that’s good. Sometime I want to invite them over for a lan party. I feel shy towards that because they don’t know me too well. They know me through class discussion. One question I have to ask myself everyday is, do these guys want me to know them. This is the only way I am going to get a further education so I mustn’t back down. Somehow I feel forced into college, like something isn’t right? I want to go to college so nothing should be wrong? Maybe I should be in a different class? But why start over, it’s only going to be the same curriculum over again. Interesting though, I had this same experience in 10th grade.

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