Friday, February 27, 2004

I want to learn flash | a look at UT2004 (fixed)

Date: 2/27/04 at 2:13AM

I met this guy from about a year ago on Diablo 2. We talk to each other, he's xwanyecoltx, and he is the top reviewer at, a community full of flash movies. I usually don't go there often. I did yesterday, and really looked at it. I took my main interest Final Fantasy, and looked at some flash movies. Most of them are based on Final Fantasy 3. I like the Final Fantasy Trilogy. The cat scene was somewhat funny. The graphics are good, it's above and beyond me. Most of these designers have websites that are done in flash. I was trying to learn how to work in Macromedia Flash MX. I can move images around, but I can't do the effects. LOL! I'm no expert for sure! The zooming, the special effects with slash, the timing. I'm another notice at RPG developing. When I heard from him that I can use javascript for some of my effects, I felt better. I have the premiere software to work with, and I can't do a d*mn thing with it. XwanynecoltX got me interested in making flash.

I decided to put Cloud's Adventure on hold. If fact I don't even care for it. I can't find the correct number of characters that'll I'll need in the game. Sure, I have experience in making maps in Dungeon Siege, Neverwinter Nights, Unreal Tournament, and UT2003. I never worked with Milkshape or UT character editor to make models. I have attempted to transfer a UT2003 model to Neverwinter Nights using a add-on for NWN Design Studio. I have one map online <http://www.pressente...~scampbel/nwnmod.exe> I find that I'll have more fun creating NWN mods than anything else. UT2003 maps make no since to me, you develop the map, and you set start points, a couple weapon locations and debug. It's a first person shooter, you you frag people in a violent gory way for hours. I've been guilty in this way because I use to be a fps fanatic myself. I liked gory fps for a while. I agree MMORPGS, especially Neverwinter Nights, are more popular (and my favorite), and a bit more sane. Since then I have become a bit more sane. I did ask my parents about playing Final Fantasy XI online this week, and the answer is still no. I really want to play that game even if it costed 12 dollars a month. That's 144 dollars a year. I wish there was a offline mod for FFXI. I dunno maybe I'll play UT2003 online again with the lad lagacy. Lagacy is much better in NWN, but you never know, maybe the newer patches in UT2003 affect the frame rate?

Speaking of which, I was looking information on both Doom III and Half-life 2, and no new information is avaliable. There is very little known facts on the 'source engine' and what Half-life 2 map editor will use or if the rumor porting older Half-life models into Half-life 2 is true. The game will look great in 1600/1200 at 4 layers of anti-ayalasing with all effects on. Maybe it'll support 2000/1600 high res. It's rather pointless because graphics quality won't be that improved. Right now PCs haven't able to work well at that high of resolution. Most people now should at least be able to run at 1200/768 on their current machines. More than half of pc gamers (from a toll on have bought a new computer since 2001. That's nice. I know in 5 years we'll look back on today's games, and say how low resolution they look. I knew we said that about Unreal Tournament. It was in 1999 that UT was a huge game and state of the art graphics. I remember in 2000, I downloaded 200 maps in total off before they made you pay for their servers accessablity. I use to play the maps in deathmatch. Some worked some didn't, some made my computer crash. On the bigger maps, it wasn't uncommon for me to reset my resolution to 800/600 just to play the map at 30 frames a second. Not today, my computer is 10x more powerful than 5 years ago.

[ I messed up in this section. I have a Radeon 9800 in my Dell Deminsion XPS. A XFX Geforce 5600 in my custom-built pc ,and a XFX Geforce 5200 in my compaq which replaced my older Radeon 7000 ]

The Unreal Tournament 2004 demo is out now and the game is coming to stores on March 18th. It seems not long ago Unreal 2 was released. And I was kind-of hyped about getting that game because of the class A gameplay. It's okay, but not as fun as Unreal Tournament. If you like a story based first person shooter, this would be the game for you. Unreal 2 has deathmatch but I never once played it. My guess it's exactly like UT2003, but UT2003 is such a revolutionary first person shooter like the first. I got half way through it 1 month ago than stopped for whatever reason. Unreal 2 has been out nearly a year already. I know Bob was thinking of owning it. Why have him buy it when I can just give him a copy? The UT2004 demo is out, and of course with my connection, I haven't downloaded it. Rumor is that it'll play UT 2003 levels because both games use the same physics engine. UT 2004 features vehicles simular to WARTHOG in Halo. It's optimized using the ATI Radeon 9800 GPU. I own both a 256 MB Geforce 4 5600 Ti and ATI Radeon 9800. I recently installed the Geforce 4 5200 128 MB GPU in my Compaq (given to me 3 years ago in 2001). For months I thought it wouldn't work because I thought my Compaq was using a 4X AGP slot instead of the 8x AGP slot required to use the card. It never accured until now that my Geforce 4 works because it's backward compatible with 4x slots. I confused me because i stuck it in yesterday, and it worked. Before I had a XFX Radeon 7000 64MB GPU because that worked.

UT 2004 sounds like it will have space aged weapon optimized spacecraft so that in assault you can dog fight with everyone else. Another idea taking straight out of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.

One game that would be nice to have on my computer (from 1998) is the XGRacing 2 released on the PC in 1998 by Acclaim. It is a fast paced game featuring futuristic cycles racing on a track. I known the game for N64. And while it didn't get great reviews, I thought it was cool. The graphics were better then Xtreme G (1997 Acclaim) although the game play in XG2 was a bit worse. It was a Christmas present that year. The first game looked good considering it was a early N64 racing title. It was like Tron, but was much improved. The forth game released multi-platform called XGRA (Extreme-G Racing Association) is like Xtreme G 3. (I own XG3 for Gamecube) I read the reviews off and they said the game had some errors, but what's interesting is the game itself at a 6 page developer interview at It got a 7.5 at, and 7.8 at I read both reviews, and it seemed like Acclaim was trying to make this title a worthy sequel with harder AI, more vehicles, and tracks. I read the review and said it was too customizable for it's own good and made the controls too unbalance making it a more difficult game any ways and less fun. If the gameplay was more balanced, the game may of been considered one of the better racers for any console. I want it for PC, and instead Acclaim made this title console exclusive. If I see this game for Gamecube/Xbox I'll buy it at an used price, therefore I save money. I already own other futuristic racers like FZero GX.

I haven't had time to play Knights of the Old Republic lately. KOTOR is a great game with state-of-the-art graphics Right now I am in Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark because it's online. I'm going to play it after I finish writing this entry.

This is Ian signing off once again. Tune in 5 days from now to read my next review in my saga. Mean while, visit my webpage.

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