Monday, January 12, 2004

Yesterday was the highlight of the whole week

Date: 1/12/04 at 2:37PM

The whole week I must say was B-O-R-I-N-G! I watched a couple dvds over break. I am deeply sorry about the lack of updates…. I was working on videogames, going places, and downloading map packs for Quake III including the patch over a modem. Then I am sort of playing a combination of games, Elder Scrolls III for PC, Final Fantasy X-2, and Xenosaga. Last night, my friend Bob had a videogame party and it kinda rocked. After an hour everyone, except me, was sick of games. Bob has a new Playstation 2. He got one because he always wanted to own one, but never really had the money, so it was a gift from his parents. I brought over Soul Caliber II, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, and Madden 2002. He has copies of MK Deadly Alliance, and Aggressive Inline. MK was the most played game there. Coming to his house was the most fun I had the whole week. There were 3 friends of his, and everyone likes the blood. Blood is over-rated. I stayed over there for 5 hours until 1:30AM. Bob has a huge (9.5 GBytes) MP3 collection that takes up a lot of his hard drive. Most of his music is a combination of goth metal, and regular heavy metal. I took his Black Sabbath, Metallica, Slipknot, Emblem, and Romstine music. Not that I listen to them at all, but I also have a growing collection. I have a 20 Gbyte Apple Ipod, and I want to upload all the songs I can possibly get on it.

I downloaded this extremely cool software called Alcohol 120%, and it copies everything. I was looking for the 1.4.7 version on Google since that can be patched. says it can copy Playstation 2 games, and general copyrighted software with no problems. Alcohol 120% is guaranteed to copy laser-locked software, Safe-locked software versions 1 and 2 what ever they are, and much, much more. So far I haven’t had any trouble with it. I got Hellfire, Vampire: Masquerades, Dungeon Siege, and Quake III to work.

I have to spread the word that WindowsBlinds 4.2 isn’t that great. It will slow your computer down some and the themes will get old. The idea of skinning the whole Windows GUI comes from Linux, more from the KDE desktop because KDE themes will change everything. I like skinning my Winamp and Trillian programs.

I haven’t played Lord of Destruction for 3 weeks now, and my account is deleted which means I lost all that time I put in. It doesn’t bother me. Diablo 2 is quickly becoming dated. I played the game so much … well over 3 years. With all those new better looking, longer MMORPGS coming out, I have a hard choice to make if I am going to put money into them. I’m still playing Elder Scrolls III Morrowind from last year. I looked at the new Horizons MMORPG, but it’s online only, and there is no way I will go online if it’s not free. I have a copy of Final Fantasy XI, but I can’t play it without someone opening my account for me. I would love to play it. The next big game coming out this year is Dungeon Siege II and it’s going to be really cool because it has Dungeon Siege concept, which was great, with much improved graphics, new locations, and the mod community will be huge like it is with Neverwinter Nights. I only put in 10 hours a week in these games.

I redesigned my Geocities website *again*, and called my new template version 2004 instead of version 8.0. I agree that multiple windows, and frames are great, but I see room for improvement too. Eventually I want everything to blend together like a jigsaw puzzle. Everything crossed over fine except I need to add an extra window to the shell template for the videogames reviews so they don’t open a new browser window. My website is at http://www.geocities...rs101/7.1_index.html. My website skills don’t go past Template 7.0. Most of you know how cool some of those game sites look … because they are above-average. Those sites are designed by nurds for nurds. I know I should spend a little more time on the logo since it is the central theme of my webpage. If you don’t like this new template, you can also go back to the 7.0 version which has the same exact information.

So what now, after Christmas has past, do I want to spend my hard earned cash on? I bought a 40-watt 5 piece surround sound speaker set off It still sounds cool and alive with only hearing 2 speakers, and the bass sub speaker. I want to get a new videogame called Mario Kart Double Dash. I was a fan of Mario Kart 64 – that’s why. A lot of people my age like Mario Kart. I am a little worried about owning a lesser game or is it? Better graphics doesn’t mean better game play. Does it? Crime: Streets of LA sounds cool too and so does Beyond Good and Evil, but I can’t afford all of those games at once. It’s funny that I thought of renting a game once in a while, but the local movie rental doesn’t have all the games I want. And the good ones are always rented.

I'm starting the second semester of school on Thursday. I get to learn how to build computers from the ground up. I am only a part time student at WITC New Richmond. I most probably will re-take a class teaching Linux. I know that Linux is used in mainframe administration, but isn't UNIX used more then Linux. All 'terminal' commands apply for both operating systems. I forgot the VI (v improved) script so I can't code and compile any UNIX commands. In system administration I will need to know how to code custom ping / file transfer tools for Linux/UNIX. I am hoping that I'll meet someone that's friendly to me there. I am not a programmer so I won't learn Perl or C++.

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