Friday, January 16, 2004

open source DVD player not found ... sucks

Date: 1/16/04 at 11:58PM

I came across source code today that I never thought I download. I came across it because I wanted software that would run DVDs on Linux. Like always, I did a search on Google. Everything else in Linux there has to be a rpm file or at least source code to compile. I couldn’t find any special programs that would read VOB files (DVD video files.) Vob reminds me too much of vorbis. I wonder if there is a connection? I came across an interesting file called DeCSS. The file seems to be well known to the programming community because it’s been downloaded over 10,000 times. The source code can be downloaded through telnet so I went to download it at, like what it said on the web, and downloaded decess.c. C stands for C++ source file. So all I have to do is ‘chmod 700’ this file, and used the up arrow to re-execute the file. I know nothing about the source code. And guess what…it didn’t work. It’s hopeless - I will never find an open source dvd player. So I went to I typed in DVD player. Mplayer shows up, but I already have that program.

So what happened next after I failed to find an open source dvd player? I played Morrowind, than played Diablo 2 online through Battlenet. To my delight my account was still up. I did some ‘role playing’, then wrote this passage you see before you which makes it Midnight. I have a level 36 Amazon. I heard some talk online about a Diablo 2 mod that makes monsters drop more on a closed Battlenet server when the user hosts a game.

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