Thursday, January 22, 2004

Duck Hunt 3D is fun, so is Highway Pursuit

Date: 1/22/04 at 8:45PM

Yesterday, I told my friend Bob that having a blog is fun which got him to sign up. Asking him was easy. He asked me why he should put information out on the web. I responded, “Blogs are fun. It’s good when you know people and you can catch up their lives.” He had a website at Angelfire for a short time. He said to me he really didn’t want to add pictures to it or update it. Bob doesn’t like to use a spell checker so he misspells a lot of words, but he writes so much that he joined Modblog. He’s at

Today I went to school and downloaded MP3s off I got at least 40 MBs with QCD. I also was downloading free games from while I streamed radio stations. I found out that I really like Duck Hunt 3D, and Highway Pursuit (Spy Hunter clone.) Duck Hunt 3D is a fun game. The original Duck Hunt was packaged with the Nintendo Entertainment System. There has never been a Duck Hunt 2, like there should be. The clay shooting option is really fun - as fun as Duck Hunt itself. The midi sounds redneckish. For a 2.5 MB download it is really worth it, although yeah might as well laugh at the seriously outdated graphics. Highway Pursuit was okay for a 3.7 MB download. In my opinion, It’s better then a lot of freeware games and can never beat the orginal Spy Hunter for the NES. Don’t turn down a free download, especially those two above. Midway Game’s re-make of Spy Hunter didn’t receive good reviews. Santa Slayer is also funny and worth a download. What I really want on my pc is Code Red: Martian’s Attack, it’s a first person shooter using the Quake II engine, which is now open source. It’s made by former Quake II level designers. On, where I get my open source software, Quake is being re-developed running on OpenGL on Linux. Why download Quake when Quake II is also open source? Why not make Quake II for Linux? Wait, someone already has. Linux programmers will just have to start over. And if you want to run Quake II on Linux, all you have to do is boot Quake II with DOSemu [dosemu, ../windows/c:, ../Quake II/Quakeii.bat.] Install and play. The Quake III engine will be open source in 2 years or less. I heard this official message off a year ago. Some freeware dos games can already work with DOSemu. Do you believe someone is still wasting their time, and making maps for Quake II? Quake fan’s are waiting for Doom III more then they are Quake 4 because they were originally Doom fans. I am waiting for Doom III too. I’ll buy it the first week it comes out. Quake 4 is being developed by id Software, and co-developed by Raven Software of Madison, Wisconsin. That’s my state! I don’t know if Quake 4 will use the Doom III engine or not? Either way Doom III is going to look really good when it comes out. The game will use the most state-of-the-art graphics in a PC game. The game is also developed for Xbox, but some of us don’t like X-Box because lack of good games or just hate Microsoft for what they are. Some of you gamers may have already heard this, but

- A computer programmer(s) shouldn’t release a console. (Bill Gates founder of Microsoft and Nolan Bushnell, Atari’s founder, and founder of Pong)
- A card company shouldn’t make consoles. (Nintendo)
- An American airplane simulator retailer shouldn’t make arcade games. (SErviceGAmes)
- And a television manufacture(s) should stay away from making games. (Sony, Magnavox)
- None of them did.

I read this off a message board somewhere, and thought it was quite good. The online multiplayer success of this game is forecasted to be greater then Quake III. We rather play on our Playstation 2s though so we might see Quake IV or Doom III on Playstation 2. I mean I don’t know for sure, but it would make a lot of sense.

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