Sunday, January 25, 2004

Another dull Weekend. But all is not lost.

Date: 1/25/04 at 12:15PM

I am remembering back to my first year of high school. I just came back from another school I was going too. I was voted for prom of 1999. I was only 16. I was dreaming of a flash back of that time. Adam Graf and Megan Hinbuck got the most votes of anyone, so they were the King & Queen of the freshman prom. The school spit the times up by grade. No one cared if you stayed the whole night. Anyway in reality, I went to prom, but I didn’t dance with a girl. Even now I don’t have a girl in my life. I forget how I got voted in. Every school has a student board. They make arrangements for special events. Then my dream continued to be more fantasy then real life. The entire night was about finding just how I got so popular that year. I was in track and field, and cross-country that year. My dream had a couple scenes of me sprinting 2nd and then first. And the crowd cheered. Ann was also part of this. All of it wasn’t true, but I had a girl in my life, her name was Ann Redmon. She was also in both events. In real life, I never asked this girl out. This all took place on the week of prom (same week as homecoming) in the winter. Then I played in band, and played my instrument well at the basketball game. Ann and I danced that night at prom. I quoted Shakespeare to her and she liked it. She and I didn’t care about anyone else. But during all of this, I wondered, was I doing all of this myself? I invited Randy (big friend of mine) to prom. He just sat, and watched us dance to the bad R&B singles. I hate R&B and pop, not showing hated towards the tunes of course. It was really vivid in my mind, and I remember it well. Enough of this fantasy rubbish now.

Randy and I were supposed to do something today, but he had things to do. Randy drives his car a lot, and he has a girl friend who is younger then he is. Bob also has a girl friend too. You know what this means! It means they have girlfriends, and I don’t (which is true), which also translates to I have nothing to do today, and neither one of them can come over and have good time. Not very good friends are they?

I updated my webpage again today. It now looks cooler. And I’ve been playing Final Fantasy X-2, and Diablo 2 off and on today. My cousin, who is in the Navy, is going to play from Pensacola, Florida. There is a naval academy there, probably Pensacola Naval Academy. He just bought the Diablo 2 Battle Set a week ago. I always wanted to play with him. I’m about 18% complete with Final Fantasy X-2. We could play an ip connection game, which would be faster then BattleNet itself, but it would be long distance. It’s over the Internet why would it be long distance? I know I don’t like it.

To sum this entry – I had a dream about a girl, randy couldn’t come over today and I’m playing Diablo 2 on the Internet like I always do ….

Oh yeah, I own a lot of PS2 games. Hehehe. Thirty-two in all. I know that everyone likes PS2, and dislikes Gamecube and Xbox. Why is that? Too many Final Fantasy fans out there! Well guess what, Gamecube is getting one Final Fantasy title. By the way I like Final Fantasy 7, 8, 10 and 10-2. Haven’t played Tactics or FFIX. I hear IX Is better then VIII though but not better then FFVII. Final Fantasy VII I heard was the reason some people bought Playstation. Either that or was it Metal Gear Solid, maybe it was both? I bought a Playstation in 2002 and PS2 in 2003 so played those consoles very late. Anyhow I watched my friend play my copy of Final Fantasy VII and it looked okay. He said it was a technical marvel in 1997, which for some reason still looks above average today. I know this was before Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot 3 and Gran Tranismo 2 came out. I only played Gran Transimo 2 because I am a little shy towards older Playstation games, before 1999 anyways.

Nintendo was getting FFVII, but Squaresoft ran out of cartridge space so the developer withdrawed. Why Nintendo didn’t you add a cd drive, like the Sega CD, to the N64 instead of that stupid disc drive only released in Japan? Maybe then you’ve wouldn’t of lost Squaresoft and all your RPGs. Maybe Square-Enix will develop regularly for Nintendo on Gamecube’s predecessor. Square and Nintendo partnered and created a studio called Game Designer’s Studio which help create Crystal Chronicles. Square games are fine with Playstation, but it just seems more authentic on a Nintendo platform. I think. translated this developer with this summery, “Development subsidiary created by SquareSoft. Headed by Square director Akitoshi Kawazu, who worked on the Legend of Mana series. Game Designer's Studio, with money from the Hiroshi Yamauchi (owner of the Seattle Mariners, and former Nintendo President) setup 'Q Fund,' is specifically focused on creating products for Nintendo's GameCube console. The company's first project for the platform is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, an RPG based on Square's enormously popular series.” The game developer doesn’t have their own webpage yet.

I am not sure why Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within failed at the box office. It was graphically superior to anything before it. The movie was much better looking then any of Disney / Pixar’s films, and had a huge budget of over 100 million all funded by Square Pictures. If you couldn’t tell I am a recent Final Fantasy and console RPG fan, then you haven't been paying much attention to this blog lately because I'm all about playing the latest role playing games. I like the largest, most detailed games avalible.

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