Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Techno is great

Date: 1/28/04 at 3:53AM

So no one liked my last entry? Only 4 views! Well, I’m gonna try again, and write something that doesn’t have anything to do with computers. Am I suppose to write depressing entries? Write how the world is against us, and how we are hurt by it? No, I DON'T write like that. I’m happy, I don't need depression in my life, it’s a waste of time!

Why is there so many people listening to techno on places like Twenty-five percent of listeners prefer a variety of music over one genre. The number one station at is Digitally Imported, a trance station online, free, and with no advertisements. I only listen to Live365, and Shoutcast’s music. I was into trance since 2001. Sure, I listen to 93x, a rock station in the Twin Cities, because I want to fit in plus they have some interesting talk shows in the morning. I can tell difference between the bands. Paul Oakenfold is really good artist. I heard somewhere that a lot of people heard of Mauro Picotto. There aren’t any lyrics in songs of this type, this beat or pulse. The music is rated by how good the beat is. I still like ATB. He’s remixes are relaxing music, I don’t know if it is incredible. One song I thought was incredible was Zombie Nation’s Ahahahaha Remix. I also have 12 Ministry of Sound soundtracks. These songs are played during soccer games in Europe. Chicane is also a good artist. My techno collection is about 2 Gigabytes, there’s many songs I’ve haven’t listened too closely. There is a place in Minneapolis called 101 Blue on Hennepin Ave that is a DJ House/Techno/Rock dancing hall. I should go there some time. I don’t know anyone who has been there. I’ve been doing good, almost completely forgot the ascendant yesterday.

I guess when you’re a computer person in the Industrial Networking field, you don’t meet any nice looking blondes, 19, who’re interested in computer technical stuff, cars or videogames. I definably won’t go on blind dates, I know that. I’m shy towards talking to girls often, that’s exactly why they aren’t crazy about me. *Sniff* I wonder if any girls my age like Anime? I’m not a strong / hardcore anime fan. I watch Space Ghost Coast to Coast when it’s on (use to be 10pm on Cartoon Network), but it’s never on anymore so I just stop watching it. I sometimes catch Family Guy, but that the show does’t interested me. (If I’m going to watch TV I’ll watch a Western. I like Westerns.) Cartoons should not be this low of quality. Remember Looney Tunes? – Those were some high quality cartoons. I mean the crazy rabbit tales, no cheesy animation, just original as all gets out because a lot of them were directed by Chuck Jones (cartoon director.) Tom and Jerry was also a great cartoon I watched when I was a kid. Now 10 year olds are into Spongebob Square Pants and Dexter’s Labitory. I’m sorry for those of you who liked Felix the Cat. I didn’t like him.

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