Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I giving DeCESS to everyone

Date: 1/27/04 at 2:15PM

So you, my fans, liked my open source dvd entry? I got over 50 hits on that entry, and I only wrote two paragraphs. This entry should be the biggest entry I had. Look yourself by placing the pointer over the blog title sometime. Did you know that some wise-crack business guy is trying to sue open source because it’s free? Why can’t people just leave Linux’s open source programmers alone. There is also some company wanting to sue Linux because it uses ASCII code and that company help create ASCII. Companies CAN NOT copyright binary code. Last article I read, the Supreme Court is currently dropping charges. There has been talk a while back that Linux source code should be switched to Unicode which is 16 bits per character instead of 7 bits. The advantage of Unicode is for those counties with odd symbols like Japan and China to able to have source code in Chinese or Japanese instead of our Latin languages or A, B, C, D, etc. Since UNIX was developed in America (AT&T) it was mostly compiled in English, this didn’t help other countries much. Early UNIX programmers must of spoke and read English.

Webpage here: http://zdnet.com.com...102-11_2-518300.html. I found out that the DeCESS file I downloaded was a key element because it decompresses essential plug-in VOB files. Believe it or not, DVD Copy Control Association was created to license DVD to Hollywood producers. It’s another Linux verses Media Industry all over. Oh well, here is a link for DeCESS plugin. I put it on my server for the curious to download. It’s the latest version I think. http://www.pressente...~scampbel/decess.zip (25 KB) DeCESS is meant to work with Linux. I don’t know if DeCESS will work as a plugin for Mplayer. If I find what it belongs too, I’ll let you know in my next entry. If so, that would be really great if it would work. I know that there is software that will backup your DVD video with Windows. I found something else called Gordian Knot Pack, and Gordian Knot Rip Pack. http://prdownloads.s...rge.net/gordianknot/ I knew there had to be some package with sourceforge.org. The archive file contains DVDDecrypter, vStrip 0.8f CSS, DVD2AVI 1.76 CLI, DVD2AVIdg 1.0.0, BeSweet 1.5b23, azidts 0.1, vsfilter, Decomb 5.1, fluxsmooth, Convolution3D, Deen, TomsMoComp, AviSynth 2.53, VobSub 2.23, VirtualDubMod, Nandub RC2 lumafix ecffix, AviMuxGUI 1.13, chapterXtractor 0.962 and Robot4Rip 0.5. This program has exe files, so it’s meant for Windows only. Here is another good link, http://www.doom9.org....html?/software2.htm. I also checked out DVD Shrink’s webpage. Find the link from Doom9’s website. I am currently downloading from this page. It seems to be a good reference on all I need.

I crashed my Jeep today on the way to school. The damage was minor, though I had a ride, it sucked. I went in the ditch, and the impact was forceful enough to inflate my airbag. I walked out of it with no injuries. It’s important to turn off the engine, which I did. My fault wasn’t that there was a car in front of me who slowed down, my fault came later. Maybe he swerved to, no? I The conditions were icy and I lost control of the vehicle, and I slammed on my brakes. I had 4 wheel drive in gear which should have prevented me from losing control. I’m mad at my vehicle, 4 wheel drive didn’t save me from this disaster. Fortunately, I didn’t do any damage to anyone, but I broke a tree or two, and a fence. This happened in front of a Sheriff’s truck. I had instant backup. The tow truck came about 20 minutes later, and the Jeep got out by it’s own. I’ll be able to get back on the road in a few days so I’m happy about that. I thought I was done for when I got home, but my Dad said, “You’ve learned your lesson, didn’t you?” This is a lesson for all of you drivers; always have your vehicle in 4-wheel drive in winter. There goes my perfect driving record.

I was playing Playstation 2 to get my mind off things. You could say I was a little shaken up today after I got home. Grand Thief Auto 3 was the game I was playing. A videogame has no rules I reminded myself, real life has rules, and the cops aren’t crazy like they are in the game. Endless cop cars try to put your car out of commission any way possible. I wouldn’t be able to out drive a cop car today, no possible way.

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