Friday, July 18, 2003

Much has changed. Unlike at the beginning of the year when I really wanted to change my site into something that used dynamic html. I just wanted to make it more dynamic. I am being a little greedy, because of all the modications that make all the gaming sites state of the art, I want on my site. "I want to have some of that pie too." So my site isn't just about having the latest design anymore. Okay, so it never was that way, it's just hurts too much to say how much!

I still have many ideas for version 4.0. A month ago I thought it would be entirely in flash script. So what do you get is limited text with in a enormous download for modem users. Since gaming sites are leading the way in the html script department, I just thought that version 4.0 could be part php (which I legally took from (has free php tempates) or look like the very nice, simple, fast loading website like Gamecube 128. A Flash template is out for now. I was playing around with Macromedia Flash MX. I find that the lack of internal effects is dumb. Again the flash template is too massive to be worth a download. I've been doing some searching on PHP setups on my spear time. I've seen php used in message boards mostly. I haven't seen any difference between php and html. Go look at some php projects programmers have done for multiplatform at I went to sourceforge downloading message boards but I could not get them to work. Your suppose to download all the files in your server file and it's suppose to automatically be working. It looks cool when other websites have it though. One in particular .... EZboards.

I guess there isn't anything wrong with 3.0. I'm thinking of keeping 3.0 online. I am not a sell out here, I am doing this website with no cost whatsoever. The programs I'm using are free. AKA. "My html editor is pirated though that doesn't really matter now, people have access to Dreamweaver in class rooms where you can't say that people can't make their own websites, because they can." If someone makes a PowerPoint 2002 presentation or Frontpage 2002 template, people can export their hard earned work over the Internet as a webpage with all images compressed to size. Although Mozilla Composer has the same functions as Namo Webeditor and is free! I don't know if my visitors know that or not. It's worth the download! Mozilla also has a free irc client with it too. If you like IRC, I sugess you getting a modified Mirc client called GeniusXP. It has all the functions of Mirc but it has mods that allow you to say things with CTRL-A,B,C,D, etc. I haven't really figured out what it actually does other then it's a free Mirc client.

I've downloaded the NeverWinter Nights v1.30 beta 1 patch today. The patch is large (55 MB download) I've been planning to play NWN online over the modem. I found two websites that I've added to my javascript menu :

  • RPG Gamer - a website that collects Game wallpaper. Also has a small news section that talks about the rpg industry.
  • Theme Doctor - If you want any kind of Windows Themes, I suggest you come to this website for Diablo 2, Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, and Neverwinter Night brand themes. I've downloaded two themes and like them very much! Download the Neverwinter Nights Desktop Theme It's awesome!

The current project I've been working on is a version of php that I've downloaded from It is perfectly legal. This project is called Ian's RPG Guild and I've created websites on Dungeon Siege, Dungeon Siege 2, Neverwinter Nights and Diablo 2 : Lord of Distruction. It will feature some fansites. I don't know what it's going to have. I know I'm still a RPG kind of person. <:0)

I admit that I have no previous experence with stradegy guides. I have plenty experence making Game Reviews. But ever since the games including Diablo and all the Playstation RPGs I own. Such as finishing RPGS without cheats including Final Fantasy 7 (PS1), Final Fantasy 8 (PS1), Tales of Dystiny (PS1), Eternal Darkness (GCN), Legend of Zelda Orcania of Time (N64) Dungeon Siege (PC) Diablo and Diablo 2 (PC) Skies of Arcadia (DC), Grandia II (DC) and my latest competition of Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker (GCN)

I almost had a reason to buy a Playstation 2. I just found out that Chrono Break, the 3rd installment in the Chrono Series is in process of development. I think that is so cool! I've enjoyed Chrono Cross for Playstation. I believe with the new Final Fantasy X-2 and .Hack 2 coming out, I couldn't believe how much the Playstation 2 graphics improved since Grand Thief Auto 3 came out. I believe Playstation 2 is in the 3rd generation of development where games pretty much maxed out it's hardware.

I've also started games (but not finished) like Legend of Dragoon (PS1) Baldur's Gate II Shadow of Aims (PC), Neverwinter Nights (PC), Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind (XBOX), Chrono Cross (PS), Final Fantasy III (SNES9x) Chrono Trigger (SNES9x) Secret of Mana (SNES 9x), Legend of Mana (PS1) Legend of Zelda : Link to the Past (SNES) That's a lot of Playstation RPGs. I even own Final Fantasy 9 (PS1), Lunar II (PS1), Xegagears (PS1), Seiken Denestsu 4 (PS1 (Seiken Denestsu is Japanese for Secret of Mana)) and Star Ocean 2 (PS1) where I haven't even played them since I bought them. So I can call myself a RPG fan when I've completed 10 RPGs and started playing 9 RPGs, and didn't have the time to finish them. And then there is four that I own and haven't even started playing! If you want to hear my opinions, read my console reviews. <:0)

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