Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I recently been following up on Final Fantasy XI for the PC. Normally you won't see Final Fantasy title on other platforms. But now you see Final Fantasy XI for the PC and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Gamecube. So the latest Information I gotten about Final Fantasy XI for the USA is that it's coming up next Spring with an expansion pack on it's debut date called Final Fantasy XI : ____. However the Final Fantasy XI and it's expansion will be simply huge, I had very little information on the game except for some screen shots. Go to this site if you want to find out a little about FFXI.

I'm thinking of building a Final Fantasy site. Or I can just add Final Fantasy XI to my RPG Guild. Look for it in the future !!!! Normally I would be fascinated with Dungeon and Dragons theme computer games, but Final Fantasy is a dream come true. To save some time, I'll just created a new banner for Final Fantasy XI. I originally planned to devote a new website for all Final Fantasy games. I guess I'll stick to what I'm good at and that is writing reviews. Like-wise it won't be a informational site. I've seen a dozen Final Fantasy oriented websites out there. I'm just going to re-direction this site to the best links. That's what RPG fan sites usually are. In fact I'm excited for World of Warcraft, Dungeon Siege 2 and Final Fantasy XI. Did I mention I got a copy of Final Fantasy Anthony for the Playstation. I've posted my review of Final Fantasy VI on Playstation Reviews !!!!

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