Monday, July 21, 2003

America's Army is great. Not as great as maybe Quake III or Unreal Tournament, but still good. It's free for peeps sake!!! If your like me, you love free stuff! The game makes you feel that your at war with current Allied Ground Forces in action. If the US Army developed it, then why is it easier then most first person shooters? I'm not that hyped up for it like I am for upcoming Halo 2 for Xbox or Halo for the PC. But it has the basis of a first person shooter. Who's idea was it to develop this game? You can download it at their website for free. It looks a tad out of date, but it's probably the best full game you can download. If you have broadband you'll be fine, but if your dial up you'll have some trouble. I'm a college student and I like to work with wires, but on the my spare time I work on this .... small print makes me happy.

I added a one new section to my webpage, the Sega Saturn Review Section. It has 3 new reviews, Nights into Dreams, Shining Force III and Panzer Dragoon. I went to the used videogame store to see if therq was any copies of the old school shooter, Reliant Silvergun. Nope. No major new content. I decided I'm not going to make a dedicated Final Fantasy webpage. With the exception of Final Fantasy XI coming out, I really only beaten one Final Fantasy game and I do not know the series too well. I have an idea of the case of events that the Final Fantasy Saga takes place because of the Internet.

Oh I'll remind all mp3 attics that a new version of the popular enhanced audio addon (DFX) for Winamp 2x and 3x is out. Go to to download it. Then go to the crack site to download the crack to make it freeware.

Since I didn't have a Win98 product key, a found a working key off Google. It is XJQ22-Y47QY-P8FH7-VJ9DK-HKWVW. So if you have any trouble with your installation, you've already gotten the key. Thank me later.

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