Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I've changed back to the full text layout. The javascript I made with Xara didn't feel right. The Internet is full of text navigational bars with no java script, so there can't be much difference between this. I seen javascript used in navigational bars, but these are most popular horizontally. I think people like seeing what their looking at, not searching between gifs to find the right header. So why did I change it. Firstly I thought the navigational bars would look cool, but after I stared at them for a while, I realized how out-of-stake they looked with the rest of the webpage. Plus my page has errors. I had syntax errors ever since I've put in the top navigational bar. Some html script is IE dependant. If I made a simple webpage with javascript, it wouldn't be fun at all.

Besides, because we all know Microsoft is a monopoly in the Silicon Business, most people are using IE anyway. I checked up on the Bravenet stats again. The site tells me what parts of the country they've came from, how often they've visited, what browser they were using, etc. So I know for a fact that the majority is still using Interent Explorer.

I've been working on the Music page again. Added a couple bands while enjoying my recently upgraded pc(s). I've recently gotten Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti 5400 128 bit bus speed. I really thought I would see a difference between that and my 64 bit ATI Radeon 9500 and their isn't much difference at all. I image that I'm getting somewhere around 90 frames per second at 1124/840 on my Geforce 4 and 60 frames per second on my Radeon with the same resolution. The game I'm playing is Dungeon Siege. I've tried out that new Copperhead siegelet and I didn't like it. My friends thought it was cool. But I think it's not.

I'm trying to get caught up in CISCO classes, I'm behind. The course has been online for 3 years now. is where I sign in. The page is rather uninteresting because theres not many links to access when your not a member.

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