Monday, July 28, 2003

Back to the Internet. I've played Hyperbonia (a map off the Internet for Dungeon Siege) The map is much better then Yesterhaven because you can play in more then one difficulty. And the armor is better in this game. It's big, there is a lot of trees in this map. And some of the enemies are tough. They are really tough !!!

I found a couple MP3 sites off Google this time. and Massive MP3. Both working MP3 search engines. Of course most of you know of Kazaa! What do I download? The top chart music. I downloaded the new Metallica - St Anger, and it sounds great. Oh, if you download from be sure to enter >>> copy metallica-st.anger.eds metallica-st.anger.mp3 in the command prompt.

What has been my last decision should of been by first decission. Ask anyone around and 90% of them will say that they have a PS2 or want one. Well lets see me I own Dreamcast, GCN, and Xbox. I got all the cool games like Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker for Nintendo Gamecube, and Halo and Moto GP for Xbox! But Playstation 2 has all those quality rpg titles exclusive to it. People should know about this because I'm not the first generation to grow up with videogames, their the number #1 toy in America. There is the PS2 but then there's the Gameboy Advance, the 2nd fastest selling videogame unit in America. I own one, but I haven't gotten a new game for it since 2001. I waited until 2002 to get a Playstation. Which doesn't mean much except that I waited until the console had 95% of all the games developed for it. Right now I'm playing Legend of Dragoon. It's a pretty good RPG. I'm wondering after three hours, just when the first disc (of four!) will finally end. I'm going to have to re-write the review for Legend of Dragoon now that I'm more familiar with the game. I'm at the part where Sir Latiz meet with the King Albert and gets home safe. I only began playing it 2 days ago. I'll have it up with in the week. I'm planning to get a PS2 in January. Then I won't miss out on some unbelievable games. So what am I doing lately. Lately I ride my bike around at night. In the summer in Wisconsin, it's warm enough that you can bike without getting cold. The cool night breeze is refreshing. I have a walkman and a flashlight that I take with me. Good exercise too.

I'm only a analyst, but the Minnesota Twins went from a 8 games ahead of Kansas City Royals to 6 games behind them. The Twins also traded a power slugger to Toronto for a lead off hitter. I thought the Twins were going to do very well this year, but it back fired on them this month. The manager has managed the team too hard. He should back off a little.

I really don't know how I came across this page. I now realize that this site has the best NES and SNES reviews I've read in months if not ever. This guy really knows how to describe a game a lot better then I could. He really spent time to write his game reviews clearly. For some reason his sentence structure is so well written, that I think his game reviews compare well to that of Which is impressive. Check it out here. Oh and while you check out that site, you might as well check this N64 Review Site too.

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