Sunday, March 16, 2003

PC - Unreal Tournament review

Unreal Tournament

January 19, 2002


Controls - 5/5

Graphics - 5/5

Stability - 4/5

Concept - 4/5

Sound - 5/5

I haven't played this game since it is too bloody. The graphics even though have been surpassed looks like it will run on Windows and be a favorite amongst gamers for 3 more years. By that time Unreal 2 will of hit stores. Digital Extremes made Unreal Tournament simply a perfected version of Unreal. I own both games and Unreal Tournament looks the same to the first Unreal. Both games use Unreal ED 2.0. The level designer in Unreal Tournament. UT is a massive First Person Shooter with tons of developer support. One reason to get the game is that there are at-least 5 or 6 new levels that come out on Fileplanet every month. But I wouldn't know since I haven't played this game for weeks. The AI is variable. The levels that come with the game have very good to decent. I like the castle lvl the best and that ship lvl the worst. The harder the level the more hit damage. The game is very clean and is very stable which supports both OpenGL and Direct3D.

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