Monday, March 17, 2003

PC - Diablo review


January 19, 2002


Controls - 5/5

Graphics - 3/5

Concept - 5/5

Stabity - 4/5

Sound - 4/5

Diablo I was the longest online game that still exsists on a public server, even before Half-life. The reason I say that is that Doom and Hexen can still be played online is they they have IP support. Diablo was the first game to run on Windows to have its popularity, the and misclassified the online gaming community. The game takes place in 1 town but isn't as not small but not as big is Diablo II. The first carried 5 character in Hellfire which I never played. The game is also has really good gameplay with the use of keyboard and mouse. One said thing about Diablo is that constructed characters can play on battlenet and have no difficulty with mods such as God Mode and the wor

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