Friday, March 14, 2003

PC - Return to Castle Wolfenstine review

Return to Castle Wolfenstine

January 19, 2002


Controls - 5/5

Graphics - 5/5

Concept - 5/5 You play an American trying to get out of a German fortress.

Very cool. Very real. In fact extensive research was taken to make the game the best experience a player could have without making it difficult.

Stability - 5/5 the game is fluid and has had no freeze ups.

Sound - 5/5 German speaking Nazis, nice script, and realistic gunfire makes it up their with Unreal Tournament and Half-Life. The gunfire is in surround sound. The best part is that Id Software had this sound location mod that came with the game so it don't really use the sound-card at all..

The new game is a recreation of the first Wolfenstine back before Quake was released. The original game looked exactly like doom with the low resolution graphics. Return to Castle Wolfenstine is the same game with many Germans, great graphics, and an urge to play again and again. In my opinion this game is as fun as Goldeneye. This game doesn't exist in a fantasy world where hell has taken over (Quake III) The fact that the concept is world war II based is enough to buy the title. Another new trend in the game is that the single player mode and multi-player mode are cerate. I like this a whole lot. You can be on the Wolfenstine server in matter of a minute. It looks as if this game will soon become the next Quake III. Id has free level editors on the web already (Uses the Quake III editor) . New maps are popping up on Wolfenstine fan-sites, already. I would highly recommend this game to anyone.

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