Monday, March 10, 2003

PC - Sims Deluxe

The Sims Deluxe

February 05, 2003


Playing the Sims is my new favorite over playing Metroid Prime for Gamecube. This is about 6 months after I've stopped playing Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction for the PC. The game has a great graphics engine if your computer can handle all the bitmaps that account for Furniture and the house itself. The characters of course are live action 3D models that really need a 32 Bit videocard at least. I use a 64 bit ATI Radian 9000 in my PC. The Sims is game were you get to control people and determine what personality. Every sim has a right to be happy. Sims start out happy. It is easy to keep your Sims happy if they have something to eat, music and a job that pays for their bills, furniture and food. I like the Sims because it is original. Some Sims get really bored and do nothing. But that's when you get to start over and make adjustments to your house size before you spend $15,000 out of your $20,000 on the home, then run out of money for personal items like kitchenware or beds and dressers.

The houses you can build are endless. You can even make gardens and keep them in good shape.

Your Sims start out at 0 work habits, 0 creativity and 0 skilled. Each time you learn to play the guitar or bench press you earn 1 level skill. Sometimes you will be doing so much that you won't have time for friends but don't forget your friends or they won't be your friend anymore. That is, unless the other guy is as lonely and bord as you are. Gamers will find that part out very quickly. Minutes fly by like seconds. Hours fly by like minutes. The day goes by very quickly. So you'll always have something to do. There is a learning curve that your Sim will learn. He/she will eventually learn to take out the trash by himself or shower himself or work out himself and if he really is happy he'll go to work without you clicking on the car. Ingenious system isn't it.

There is really no leveling up in The Sims like in Role Playing Game but like RPGs you can be playing The Sims for a long time. Most of it's uncomplicated. Buy the 2002 version of The Sims Deluxe. I recommend this game to anyone.

klapaucius - Using this cheat will get you §1,000. Using ;! after the cheat will repeat the cheat again!rosebud - Using this cheat will get you §1,000. Using ;! after the cheat will repeat the cheat againset_hour (0-24) - Changes the actually time of the game. Some bugs have been known to pop up when using this cheat.

move_objects (on-off) - Allows you to move/delete objects that the game will not normally allow. Useful for say getting rid of trash, or dirty plates, even bills. Warning, using this cheat on either the mailbox, or the trashcan may cause problems with your game. We highly recommend you don't touch those two items.

autonomy (0-100) - Changes how your sims think on their own. 0 is not at all, and 100 is complete. An example would be, at 100 your sims can do things that normally only you can direct them to do.Windows: Ctrl

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