Friday, March 14, 2003

PC - Diablo II - LOD review

Diablo 2 - Lord of Distruction

November 23, 2001


Type - Role Playing Game released on June 30, 2000

Controls - 4.5/5 mouse and keyboard are very responsive

Graphics - 4/5 Diablo 2 is for low resolution computers

Concept - 5/5 Perfect. The story which took Blizzard 4 years to create was modified for that many years.

Stability - 4/5 near perfect. Battlenet has kept the game online expect the few times attempts of hackers, disconnecting of modems and people who ping you who don't want them in their game.

Sound 4/5 - good orchestra music with decent quality sound effects and great acting.

Diablo 2 is fun and addictive. The game includes 7 characters and 40 locations and climates. The sequel takes after the original when the dark-angel lead a human to free Diablo, what he didn't know is that he wasn't the Protector and was killed. You are the character who plays the story up to the death of Diablo and the defeat of Baal.

I have played Diablo 2 for almost a year and the playablity always got better. Each new patch has worked better then the last. And beating the game is no easy task but once you reach the 60 level, anything in the game would be easy except for that quest in Act V where warriors come at you on top of this hill. That is extremely hard, but if you beat that the game can be rewarding. There are a couple bad things about it is that like all games run my modem, their are always slow downs which may get you killed. But a party can conquer finish a few quests in an hour. Battlenet is free and their are no long distance fees.

Over Diablo, Diablo 2 LoD has specific weapons for each character class. The expansion allows you to create perfect gems and unify it into your armor, weapon or shield to make the good even better. I have a level 77 sorceress that masters in fire and lighting. My character can wipe of another character 10 levels up (as long as it isn't another sorceress.) But you will find that once your character gets too powerful, you may this grow tired of creating new characters, which isn't bad, this it makes you feel that your lvl 80 druid or lvl 92 barbarian is this doing nothing, so it is something to think about if you play it all the time.

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