Tuesday, March 04, 2003

PC - Unreal Tournament 2003 review

Unreal Tournament 2003

March 2003


A.) Updated version of the Unreal Tournament. Since it is preferred then Unreal 2, UT2003 is the stand alone.

B.) 25 deathmatch maps, 10 counterstrike, 10 domination, what more can you ask for?

C.) Emensely graphical. Your talking about state of the art graphics that you before only saw on consoles.

D.) improvements in map design. Maps are larger, more open

I remember playing Unreal Tournament three years ago. The remixs made exciting off the wall music. No, they weren't exceptional, some were very good. Others were ok. A few were dull. I liked some of the soundtracks so much that I found the mp3s version of those somes, one example is "Run!!!". Unreal Tournament was a highly enjoyable game, I think, and the only game that I was able to play on 2 computers using the same disc. That game and Half-Life. I think that Castle Wolfenstine comes second before Half Life. I never really liked Quake III, which was a blood fest to say the least. I wasn't a fan of Quake III.

Then I bought UT2003 in November. Unreal Tournament 2003 is suppose to take off 100 years after Unreal Tournament. Unreal Tournament has different characters with varied skill sets. It doesn't much matter when playing the game. This game is real pretty from start to finish. The frame rate never drops, plenty to look at, and outstanding sound too boot. The music is very interesting to listen too. I don't care much about the announcer, though. UT2003 runs at a solid 60 frames per second, like on mine. That is 30 frames on some older computers. Unreal Tournament is a prime example of what a first person shooter should be, next to Halo and next to Metroid Prime, in my opinion. UNreal Tournament also comes with a single player mode where you try to complete missions in each game. Multiplayer is like the old Unreal Tournament. The concept never changed. I play this game when ever I have friends over. Got to get in time fragging with at least one friend. I don't play this game much by myself. I really can't stand playing it more then a hour at a time. After that, I lose my concentration. I lost interest with a lot of my games I buy over time. I stay interested usually when I download 3rd party maps available off the Internet. It's unbelievable how much quality people can come up with. Two/Thirds of all maps in UT2003 are worthy of play. The 1/3 that aren't usually weren't because they couldn't support a large amount of players. And it was a very frustrating game when playing in a small map in Unreal Tournament. You get smuttiered way too many times. The weakest point of a 3rd party map is usually that it does have enough pretty backgrounds to support their creation, all of these maps are bug free from the get go. A new standard that Digital Designs had put in UT2003. I doubt that the sequel will accumulate as many maps as Unreal Tournament had. Over 400 new maps, including bonus packs. Most of them, you can't download anymore. I recently downloaded the UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003 Bonus Package, the only official bonus pack online. I'm glad I did. I give Unreal Tournament a perfect score of 5.

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