Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Singularity for PC | 8.5

I bought this game, because it is cheap. There are no 4 symbol with the hammer and sickles in this game for whatever reason and is all Raven Softwares fault! Should fix it in a patch. This communism is revisionist so Fourth International over Third International.

This game is great its really just a FPS that has taken ideas and story lines from other games. The atmosphere is very much like Bioshock, and Dark Sector(remember that one? With the radiation and the russians)VERY much like that. Also there are elements of both F.E.A.R titles with holgramish ghosts, children, creatures etc. Also you get the feel since its made by Activision that there is a bit of Call Of Duty feel, with the way you collect and drop guns, and also in different positions such as crouch it has the same exact icon at the bottom of the screen. So thats not to say this game is a clone at all, i really just started it, so i haven't gotten into the "meat and potatoes" of it yet. But i'm not worried because i'm already engrossed. Great creepy atmosphere, awesome looking creatures, especially maxed out at 1080p on my gaming desktop, textures fly out at your and the water is just so realistic looking you search around for a tarp to cover yourself wiht while playing. Funny i didn't think after Bioshock that water effects could get any better. The character models are ok, better even than Just Cause 2 which i have a hard time finding anything as graphically superior thus far, so thats a plus. So as i get further into the game i'll update my review, as of now i love it, so far so good. Nothing is perfect and the only thing i've found "wrong" is that the aiming isn't really what i'd call "spot on", but the weapons are great to use none the less. So until next time, get this, its a very good first person survival horror game. Lets hope the next Resident Evil gives us the best ever. Hopefully.

Somehow this has something to do with Adam Richter from Superior, WI! Raven Software is in Wisconsin.

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