Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Monster Hunter Tri Wii review | 9.0

So far this is the best RPG for the wii! The story is a little weak but fun. Very challenging and awesome multiplayer action. Great graphics! I love the interaction when playing online. The best part i have to say is the challenge cause its very hard to find a challenging game. If you play online you might want to get a keyboard or the wii speak (which i don't have either one) because its easier to communicate but you can survive without it. This isn't a very hard game to learn. I wouldn't buy this game for a young child because it does evolve a lot of strategy and gets pretty intense. I'm a adult and love the game so if you adults like games this might be one to consider getting. I wouldn't consider myself a heavy gamer either so if you are real casual gamer this would be good just to kinda pass some time and have a little fun.

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