Friday, November 17, 2000

New Super Mario Bros U 9.0

New Super Mario Bros U makes the Wii U worth the buy alone. I think it's a fun, amazing game that anyone any age can appreciate.

The game I played most when I was a kid was Super Mario 3 for the Nintendo. This game more than lives up to the name. It seems like it takes all the best things from every single Mario game and combines them into a masterpiece. Countless times you will find yourself smiling remembering something from your past. Finding secret areas, using all the power-ups, fighting stuff on the map, dungeons, and bosses are just so much fun. Time comes into play as well, it makes you try to move fast and explore, all while trying to beat the clock. There are tons of hidden areas and each level has 3 star coins. The Miiverse plays a role here too where you can leave comments on levels to help each other out or just say that you are happy you beat the level. For single player the Wii U tablet remote doesn't serve as a real purpose other than mirroring the screen, if you want you can play solely on that and let someone else use the TV.

The multiplayer is crazy and exciting. Some people would complain about other players on the screen because they run into you and mess you up but I find it to be more fun. You have to not only watch yourself but watch your teammates and work with them to get past obstacles. It's worth noting that you need a Wii remote for each character playing. For instance 1 Wii remote + 1 Wii tablet = only 1 person on screen while the tablet player has a different function. For 2 player you need 2 Wii remotes. This game can be played by 5 people, 4 players on the screen using Wii remotes and 1 person using the Wii tablet. My friend and I have never had a dull moment and have had to stop for a minute because we were laughing so hard. Playing with friends adds to the complexity and makes you work together to accomplish getting to secret areas.

Mario looks amazing in HD and this game is a must have for any Nintendo fan.

Update Feb 2013: Nintendo announced that there will be upcoming New Super Luigi Bros. U DLC coming for this game. Which seems like it will redo every map with a Luigi twist to it. Also I realized I didn't add that the Wii U Pro controller will NOT work with this game either, so you are stuck with Wii Remotes.

Update May 2013: Super Luigi U DLC officially announced as a $20 download on June 20th. My friend and I have finally beaten all the levels and gotten all the star coins. The bonus star world has some extremely fun levels.

Update June 2013: Super Luigi U is out as DLC to this game, you can also buy a physical copy but it won't be released until Aug 25. This DLC is not a drastic change from the original game. You get the same map with all the levels reworked. They are shorter and you are supposed to complete them in a faster amount of time. To me it seems a little easier. The physics (jumping and running) are different too. I personally don't like it as much. Also when playing with 4 player, whoever uses Nabbit gets bored since he can't die and it's cheating on all the boss fights. I wouldn't say this is a must have, but if you like Luigi and have the spare money you might as well.

Update July 2013: Thanks to Kyle B. in the comments, I've also been informed with the Luigi U update the game can now use the Pro controller which is a nice addition. My friend and I have played some more of the Luigi U DLC and it's just not as fun. We don't find ourselves laughing nearly as much and it seems we are always out of time, even though I know that's the point of the shorter times. If you play as Nabbit it is still horribly boring