Tuesday, November 21, 2000

Guardian Heroes review for Saturn | 10

This game is superb. I'll keep it short and sweet. You can choose between 4 characters (initially, 5 eventually) in the story mode. Each of these characters is powerful in his or her own right, showcasing fighting styles ranging from ninjutsu (Ginjiro) to old fashioned street fighting...with a sword (Han). You get to command an undead skeletal warrior with superior fighting abilities and an awesome sword and he is an extremely handy ally when in battle. Eventually, it is possible to encounter another undead skeletal warrior and if you have Han as your character, you will reap his sword and a TON of attributes to go along with it. Very cool.

It is not a free-roaming brawler/hack-n-slasher like Final Fight or Streets of Rage: the boards feature 3 "planes" through which you can cycle to gain an advantage or retreat when the heat gets too much to handle. But this is okay because a free roaming environment would make it difficult to execute some of the special moves that each character possesses. The action on screen is pure PANDEMONIUM. It is absolutely awesome, as sometimes you can't even tell where you are or what the he** is going on but bodies are flying everywhere. The music draws you into the action. The combos are insane and you can certainly juggle your foes with good timing. There's a good dose of humor here, too.

Anyway, I was going to keep it short and sweet but I guess I failed. So what. This game is a must have because it doesn't get much better. And yes, the multiplayer/duel mode allows you to take control of some of the awesome characters you will encounter in the game, each with a robust set of moves! JUST GO GET THE GAME.


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