Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands | 8.0

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands: the game that goes back to where it all started once. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was once on the PlayStation 2 a cool new game that was rated very good. The two subsequent sections - Warrior Within and The Two Thrones - showed an increasingly darker side. Afterwards, he was Ubisoft with a cell-shaded Prince of Persia and over again were the cool parts, but the magic of The Sands of Time was great. Ubisoft The Forgotten Sands tries to continue the good elements of The Sands of Time, but they were successful? That you read below.

In Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands prince travels to the kingdom of his brother Malik, being attacked by many enemies. The prince travels to his brother on behalf of his father to go and help, and shortly after your arrival, it hopelessly wrong. Malik leaves the Sands of Time free and proposes that the ancient god Ratesh able to rise up with his army of undead created from sand. Contrary to what Malik goes expecting the army against him, because he looks like King Solomon Ratesh and he previously vowed to destroy the kingdom. By the Sand of Time was released, the amulet that inactivated split into two and both brothers ended.

Because both brothers are now a part, it is important for our prince to unite these two parts and it Ratesh against them, but Malik thinks only of the power he gets, and thus begins to lose confidence in his brother. What happens next you find yourself during the game, but we can say is that the story of this game is fun to put together. The story should not particularly attractive, because it is not really original. However, it fits well in the setting and what you need to do in this new adventure. And let this adventure are exactly what this game it should have.

In our hands-on we were a little critical of this game and that was largely because we felt that the soul is a bit lacking. Today is the final game is pretty surprised, indeed, where we first were critical, we now enjoy the game off. It is perhaps not as attractive as previous installments, but soulless is different. The sections in the vast palace that you are calling nicely put together and the whole gameplay is supported by beautiful appropriate music. In this respect, our great fear is well made and very fine.

The game itself consists of two parts: fighting and climbing and scrambling. The game begins with a nice cut-scene shortly thereafter and begin climbing and scrambling. That went so incredibly smoothly, the desire for more equal opborrelde if we just ended up in a fight. You can use the prince still run along walls, and a reluctant and then jump back and forth. All this is quite easy and within seconds you're one hundred meters higher. You can encounter all sorts of great rocks, ledges and more climbing. The prince may be somewhat unnatural acrobatic, but it feels good, and it looks good as the animations are concerned. Actually everything is just fine in that regard and as you go into the game, is still a lot more fun.

As you progress you get more options. So you'll soon have the opportunity to water stopping. If you do this then everything goes as usual, only the water freezes. Sometimes spraying water from a wall and if you freeze, you can swing this if you make a waterfall into a wall along which you can run. A thick beam from above can be used as a cornerstone for you to cling. This seems simplistic, but you can not always do, because there is a meter that runs until you empty the water still move. In addition, these moments later in the game a sort of puzzle where you must freeze the water, to let go and freeze the same again, otherwise you will not advance.

That is not the only thing going up and scramble to make a puzzle in itself. If you're well over half of the game you also get the opportunity to further parts of walls to recover, which usually had collapsed. But this can only in part. If you then a "retrieved" and you have to piece is a piece that you still need to recover, then you must do so during your jump. This combined with the freezing of water makes it sometimes a challenge. Yet, all this so quickly that you have little to no frustration, and that in itself is an art. Add to this that another puzzle element in our hands-on session pretty annoying were also resolved.

Where we previously have had huge problems with turning levers in the circle is now much less. Totally illogical way, the controller for that matter, but it is much better. What is also very nice - which is especially important in the fighting - is the possibility to upgrade your skills. Frequently you have to fight many different enemies and each time you defeat enemies, this gives you some points. If you have an x number of points, then you can go to a grid point and an exchange of experience. This experience points you get through many enemies. You can experience more points into health, but also for special attacks.

In total you get next to you stand (and further extend) the possibility of sword attacks four magic attacks. This allows you during a fight, assuming we have the four magic "bought" have a number of stone evoke hover around you and serve temporarily as extra armor. In addition, you get a firm magic on the floor, causing the enemies fall. Ice is used to a frozen path for you to create, so that any enemy who comes into contact will receive an additional blow. Finally there is a fiery attack, which also necessary to deliver to the adverse effects enemies.

The combat system is not very deep. Warrior Within had such a huge extensive schedule of combos, but this part of this is addressed. Nice simple fighting with the square and the four key points for magic attacks. Besides a low blow you can get a solid distribution and that's it. Yet the fight is not boring because you combine your magical attacks with each other and in addition you can also use some of your agility in the fighting. The battles themselves are again interspersed with climbing and scrambling, and overcoming the many traps and puzzles by other elements, such as freezing.

In totality, the entire single player nothing more than a fine adventure. It plays wonderfully smooth way, the music sounds great in the ears, and visually see the animations are neat. Graphically, the cut-scene at the beginning impressive, but soon afterwards you notice that the game graphics are not really much to offer. The game is also not a masterpiece, but far from ugly. Nevertheless the overall picture is fine. It is very unfortunate that we are eight hours or by the single previously. Experienced players will likely again start at the highest difficulty level. In addition, the challenge mode just for fun, but keep it up.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands: A game that all the positive things from The Sands of Time reused with new elements and that worked out well. If you're a fan, then this is a great title. The only criticism is that it is a shame that the game is not very long and that if you have him off you're ready with it. The game has some replay value, but that is not enough for the majority of players to keep playing and that is unfortunate. Another downside is that it visually all one piece could have been better. Take your love for these points than is Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands a very nice title that certainly the fans and non-fans may delight from beginning to end.

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