Sunday, August 27, 2000

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

What you, as you wonder in this translation is that the game has improved technically and whether it has become not a bad game, because the unique Nintendo DS capabilities are lacking. On a logical question, but on the other hand, it is a game from Rockstar and if someone is experienced in making games than they will. Fortunately we have good news like that, because it has convenient solutions to the gameplay that make up the difference and the game is technically improved. But before we really go in depth, it is important to first have a look at the story behind this game to watch. That decision is entirely different and has no connection with other parts.

Huang Lee travels to Liberty City to a sword of great value to the family, to deliver to his uncle. But he has not landed or if he is attacked and left for dead. Not really a good start, while another is also that his father was murdered. Lee Huang is not a coward and is soon to visit his uncle who is quite as cold as a stone block at the bottom of the ocean. His uncle runs a large part of the city, then indeed the underworld, and this is a little empire to collapse. So how annoying it is to Huang, his presence is still very convenient, because soon after the conversation with his uncle, he can go to work for many dirty jobs to restore.

The story continues gradually between the missions and again by a typical GTA story. It's great, works as a good red line around the gameplay is somewhat interesting to follow. Very shocking story should not be experienced, as we have seen better stories in the franchise. Nevertheless, it is a nice trip to the Asian mafia, and this provides a different approach to the game on. Besides, Huang was quite on the dry side and can be sharp with his comments. Furthermore, the gameplay of this game is virtually identical to other parts. You get missions and characters that range from the elimination of certain figures and works against the triads steal cars, and sabotaging them.

The missions themselves are not particularly, because we've all seen before. These missions continue to somehow still fun to play in this game and they get some kind of value. A good example is that at some point racing cars to steal. This is not just your cock. Look, everyone in the car, but then it started, that's another story. This is a mini game involved and then again it varies by car. Sometimes you need at the right time on the X button if the figure passes by in a series of ten, which are indicated below. Other times you have with the analog stick encircle as screws and then the wires together, so that the engine starts.

The mini games are new to the franchise and give it an extra added value. The missions are fun and playable, because you never really too long doing. The mini games add an extra element to the existing missions, so that you, you will not easily bored. The missions themselves are also good and varied it creates another Rockstar typically part of the franchise that is especially fun to play. However, a disadvantage of the mini games after a while not really exciting anymore. In the beginning you will like them and it definitely adds to what. But if for the hundredth time to do the same if you want to steal a car, you can do some work against. But that is the price that we paid for the port to the PlayStation Portable.

The original Nintendo DS game, came on the handheld Nintendo very good to her right because of the many possibilities for a mini-game to apply. The PSP is just the trigger, the analog stick and d-pad limited. The lack of a touchpad is a pity, but if you've played Nintendo DS version is not unlike the writer of this piece, then you are probably not very long wakefulness. Because anyway, you get a nice game for the PlayStation Portable with many familiar elements, but also really great and new additions.

In terms of gameplay, the game then surely expanded compared to the "Stories" sections. We are in many cases, especially on Grand Theft Auto IV thinking and not because the city is the same, but more the way you play and that's a good evolution. The city itself is also quite large and consists of the rightmost two islands of Grand Theft Auto IV, that if you map from a viewing perspective. This gives pretty much fun and many varied locations. These are visually well mapped. Moreover, it is completely different angle than you're used to from the "Stories" and what parts of the PlayStation 2 and 3 appeared. Something that most probably will know, if not, at this explanation.

Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 had a top-down view. From the air you actually looked at on an interactive map down and this is the case with China Town Wars. But instead of you looking straight down, this game is different. A direct definition is not, because it contains a top-down view, which effectively 2D but the game itself then 3D. Let's keep it on the game between 2D and 3D. Graphically, the game than their approach differently than the full 3D games, which previously appeared on this handheld. Yet we must say that Rockstar has a very nice game graphically made of.

The game features a day-night cycle, neat-looking vehicle, which I still want to get into accidents verzeilt. In addition, people walk everywhere, which are large relative failure, but that aside. Besides this "living" things should also be noted that the city is somehow a self ambiance. It lives and all that is the game for good. It also looks all very tidy and organized. So was the game on the Nintendo DS still somewhat a bit on the blocky side. On the PlayStation Portable is a lot better, because the handheld is also stronger. The game does not turn, cut scenes, as the "Stories" sections.

The story is told through cell-shaded slides. Here you see the characters constantly engaged in dialogue, it is then displayed via text at the bottom. This is quite a considerable step back and perhaps the highest for the Nintendo DS, but the fact remains that there might be some more effort into could have been. On the other hand there are enough positive things to say about the game, so we do not have to worry about to make. One example is the audio. This is generally nice to call radio stations and especially the sound again as usual. Many choice of stations with various music styles, so nobody gets bored.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, a fun game that somewhat goes back to the roots, because the camera perspective. It offers the player plenty of variety and the minigames are a good addition to the gameplay. It's just that they are long term not really up to its promise, but that's mainly the control capabilities of the PlayStation Portable to blame. The cut scenes are really exciting and technically it is a pity that no more work has made. Nevertheless, the game is generally a sound purchase. It looks nice, has great variety and the audio is typically. The game is especially ideal for short play sessions and after completing the single player there is a lot to do. A game that you will keep being busy.

Overall 9
Graphics 10
Sound 9

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