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Killzone 2 | 9.0

If the game is good, it has become a rhetorical question. The game is like a house, but keep doing what we now is whether the game where the hype will make. After playing we can say that it lived up to expectations. This is because virtually every important aspect in this game to perfection is simply developed and that is all that counts here now. Criticism is not really close, it is minimal in contrast with what the rest is negligible. But now is an honest answer to why this game the hype to know what is important and that we answer you give in this review. Read on to so quickly find out what makes Killzone 2 as good.

There are several factors that make this huge hype, they bring some to doubt, and now we are happy for these doubts. Every aspect that we critically look at Killzone 2 in a game is absolutely amazing, the game developed and provide a good score lead. Graphics will be stunned everyone, the gameplay any gamer will know and appreciate the audio level is extremely strong. But what is so special with the graphics? It has been shown that many people know this now. Yet the graphics are only good to her right when you're playing the game.

Graphically the game so incredibly strong that it is a delight for the eye. In terms of level design each level has some variation. So you, you are in small confined spaces, on moving parts and open fields. What all this so special is that each level is designed graphically different, thus you get a good feeling as a player in terms of variety and you notice that you, your in a different location. Moreover, the unprecedented level of detail each. For example, the walls have fallen and propaganda posters hanging everywhere, this is only a fraction of what is to be observed. Levels that are broken and where it is a mess because of the war, half burnt flags bijhangen bleak and so on.

The attention to detail is so incredibly strong in this game that Guerrilla Games to talk about perfectionism when it comes to completing the various levels. All you should also read as something in itself and is certainly not in contrast with the gameplay. If you even take the trouble to quietly look around at different locations then you will notice how much time and effort the developer has put into it and that makes the game so graphically very strong. It is not just that it looks so nice, it looks extremely tight in another. The level of graphics remain the entire game on one line and that is why the game includes a graphic master.

What this also plays a major role is the animations. Regularly while playing the game we watched precisely express what the Helghast do, and then in particular their movements. A strong example, which unfortunately in many games at all is that perfectionism interacts as NPC's movements or to make certain items that they just are always hovering above or beside you so soon as one player just not feeling. Killzone 2 We found in a moment where two soldiers climb over a fence and it looked so incredibly good that we overcame the feeling that the game animation in that area is so incredibly good Guerrilla simply be called a king.

We just described just a moment, but this is so much more common and that makes the game visually very strong. Each plane is in fact worked to perfection. The design and decoration of the levels is so detailed that you can simply conclude that nothing in terms of graphics Guerrilla a new standard. Until now, it was the strongest Uncharted graphics if you ask most editors. This is so different since early January 2009. Killzone 2 is graphically so overwhelming that we can talk for hours about through. Yet we can not resist a detail report. If you have a Helghast shooting death once you look at the eyes, which slowly deaf.

Look, that's something you normally your shoulders for pick up, but if these details occur continuously in the game, then it seems obvious is not it? Then there is the audio, now there are many good shooters with an appropriate range of actors who provide voices. Some games do this well is unfortunately not others. Killzone 2, there is nothing to be desired. Each major character has his own voice and they are all convincing voice. Plus the benefits that Guerrilla has chosen not to use Dutch voice actors. The game is entirely in English, but the Dutch still to understand what is being said in conversations there are subtitles.

This is again only a small part of the big picture, but the point is that here is thinking about it and that money for every aspect of the game. As mentioned above, each character has his or her own voice and all sound pretty convincing. For example, what jumps out well in the credibility of the characters is Visari. The leader of the Helghast, he has a voice that really suits them perfectly and when he speaks. Against the ISA soldiers or his men, then you almost hear the emotion in his voice and that is another aspect that Killzone 2 simply very good makes.

Not only the voice acting is good in this game, the soundtrack is like the first part is very fat. Joris de Man is once again responsible for a decent soundtrack and we've been able to tell that he succeeded in his work. The music plays well into the action, once you're fully in the fight, the music also very exciting and hard. Once the battle is over take the weather, interactive music and sounds so good. Indeed, it fits in the atmosphere of this game and that is important. Still not talked about the sound of the weapons and the numerous explosions. To review not too long to tell us only the following about the preceding sentence. The audio is also thick in the parts order, now it sounds perhaps a bit cliche, but really not much we can do about it.

Then we come to perhaps the most important part of the whole review, the gameplay. How overwhelming the audiovisual aspect is, the gameplay is a title that probably will stand or fall. Now the game has three components, the singleplayer, and multiplayer battles. The single is an unprecedented adventure that on the normal difficulty in one hours and ten to twelve runs. Here you get all aspects Killzone 2 very strong for you and you choose, you start to enjoy the end. The levels are varied, the battles are constantly different and that's important. So sometimes you get bad a few Helghast soldiers under your nose, but it can also run in the dozens.

Beautiful aspect here is that the Helghast are not stupid. They have a good AI inherited from Mr developers and you will know. Frequently we were in a fierce battle and when we thought that peace had returned we found the time to go. Not knowing that there was a Helghast who was hiding behind a set of objects for us coolly in the back to attack. This is for several times and that many variations and what example we did realize that the AI is thick in order, as the Helghast know you're a sniper rifle.

Normally it is quiet as you zoom in and find out target shooting and rotten, that Helghast are constantly moving so the sniping is a lot harder. This contrasts with the action that almost the entire game to the issue of the gameplay in the singleplayer is one to remember. Then there is the chaos, before the impression was already cited the chaos that constantly dominates the atmosphere is largely determined and we now several times throughout the game from A to Z by play, we have noticed that the good atmosphere in this game is because it is such chaos. Because the levels are so well designed you imagine, you are in a real war. The Helghast defend many points in their real lives and all they have.

It is a huge mess, all around you hear pops, both near and far and then the two sides together by running around and shooting everything that moves. Chaos at the top and if one aspect is what makes the gameplay like no other, that's it. The singleplayer is a great wild ride, which may have been relatively linear set that has one of the best rides in my life has become part. If that's not enough says that game, Killzone 2, is the case. Usually we can summarize all aspects rather short and well reflect the reader. But a game like Killzone 2 offers so much that I'm already on page four when there are two gameplay elements should be discussed.

Thus, the editors also very much the mode "battle" played, this is actually exactly the same as multiplayer. Here you only play against bots. All are playable multiplayer maps and playing against bots is most entertaining. The bots can be set in terms of skills and accounting but you a decent chunk of them have at the moment you put high on their level. This mode is similar in wording might be relatively easy to describe so we can quickly go to the multiplayer itself. Remember that in any case this mode is really a welcome addition and certainly will provide entertainment for many hours. Sad fact is that not one more man on PlayStation 3 playable.

The multiplayer. We can very long or quite short on talk. Let us only briefly about it. The overall conclusion is simply that this is also very strong and greatly extends life of Killzone 2. The game has a number of maps based on the single player levels and include the ISA and Helghast fight their fights online. Now that multiplayer is slightly different from normal. You play a match because several species type games. So take a round can easily run half hours as it types like team deathmatch multiplayer, marked man, capture the flag and search & destroy pass. These types alternate for five to ten minutes, and the team with the most total points wins the round.

Then it takes a completely even fight once more rounds, so you know it. A good night is necessary to try to go completely loose in the multiplayer. Playing in the multiplayer itself, well, very simple. This works fine and so far we have not encountered any problems. It is pretty cool and if you an avid Killzone player than you are, here in the coming years will enjoy them enormously. It is also agreed that a game species level system so you know, your character as you gain experience points for each save an individual style that you can assign and interpret it as creating a private soldier with the various possibilities that the game you offers.

This will allow the variations later in the game properly and be extended through proper clan support will not be long before the first clans to all specialist members appear. This may in battle clans with similar members will be unnerving and, perhaps for many an aspect to look forward to. Forget the superficial terms and similar levels of Call of Duty. Killzone 2 is the multiplayer game of choice. Also in this section of the game there was virtually no downside to detect us. Or do they? It was unfortunate that we have so far been able to find an option to just deathmatch or any other type to play herself. The multiplayer itself or again very great, so after several hours you would actually not play back. Guerrilla simply combines everything into one type and it works!

Killzone 2, say what a game. If there is one game that Sony will have fame in 2009 than it was Killzone 2. Virtually every aspect is superb and everyone worked so far has played the game, which it is now clear. This game should just go get an absolute winner! Guerrilla Games just put themselves on the map again as one of the best developers in the world and while they may be more than proud of the work they are delivered with Killzone 2. This game is really fantastic and then I speak for several people from the editors. You! Killzone 2 just go out on February 27, when a game this year is the highest level, then it is this one.

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