Sunday, August 06, 2000

Grandia | 8.5

This is simply just a wonderful game. I actually really like the way the story starts out, so laid back. It's just some kids having fun, mostly, and that really drew me in and held me tight. I get tired of the "run around and save the world, cause your a big shot" type of RPG. This one just makes you feel like you're part of a bigger picture, rather, in a living, breathing world. Bravo. Even the translation is excellent. (The voice acting isn't, though, at least not IMO. I wish it could be turned off. This is really the game's only flaw.) Another treat is that monster battles aren't random. They show up on screen so you have a chance to avoid them and also clear an area out and explore it without getting randomly attacked every 5 seconds, which really bugs me in other RPGs. I think this game was designed top to bottom for me. :-) I love it. I'm going to replay it again and again.

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