Sunday, August 20, 2000

Prince of Persia | 9.0

his latest title from the Prince of Persia franchise, the creators not continued with the existing story. We have a new prince, a new story and a fresh new look, but this is where Prince of Persia fans have been waiting for? Are they loyal to the award-winning gameplay and this game is called the Prince of Persia name worth? Let us quickly review these steps and flying carpet a good fly.

Indeed the story is a completely new and we have a new prince. And I'll be honest, the prince I might. He is not as serious as the previous one and also a good sense of humor. I got settled while playing a smile on my face and that is something I appreciate. The story begins with the prince is looking for in a fierce sandstorm Farah. Farah shows, so you come back later in the verhaaler, your ass, and it is laden with gold. Our prince is not a poor devil. During his quest he Elika against which to escape for a group of soldiers. The prince could not resist this beautiful woman to follow and chase.

During the chase begins, as it were a simple tutorial to the tricks of the Principality to learn Persian. You will gradually learn more and more how the prince to drive, but here you learn the basic advance. Climbing and scrambling looks superb and works very intuitively. If you run tegende walls, then jump to the other side and continue running against the other wall, then jump to a pole and then run again, sometimes seriously feels like you can fly. It works very smoothly and it looks great from another. This is already successful and just that aspect, Prince of Persia I found the best in the game Sands of Time.

For me the two parts then why not play and I appreciate this part more. After your short tutorial on climbing and climbing, you see that Elika into trouble. She is surrounded by a group of soldiers and may you and the honorable charmer that you're obviously not over you just let go. Get first to the battle system in Prince of Persia. The fighting system in Prince of Persia is not complicated, but extended. With box do you use your sword to your opponents filleting. With round you use your glove to your opponent's claws to grab and throw into the air. With cross acrobatic show you the tour or for example to avoid the opponent to cross it.

With the R2 button, the prince in a defensive posture to block attacks. If you timed it perfectly, then the defense of your opponent completely open to a counter attack. Then you have finally the triangle and it puts you to work Elika. You throw her towards the opponent and they will then use her magic to attack. So as you already have notes on magic Elika. It is essential not only for the story, but if you want to survive this adventure. Elika is a princess of the Ahura, a tribe which aims at the evil god Ahriman monitor.

The king of Ahura, the father of Elika, the Tree of Life can now cut down and thereby escape Ahriman. The country will turn into a gray, dark and dilapidated world, and this is what Ahriman need to fully escape his prison, where he stuck thousands of years. To stop Ahriman with Elika you must now clear the different areas of evil. There are like four zones, with all its own boss over this region. From the temple, where the story begins and where the State Life, which can first reach areas of the four zones. Get the first dealing with the four followers of Ahriman, those imprisoned with him, but already escaped.

All four areas have then a cluster of four zones and again when you have them removed then you can go to the last area of the zone once and for all an end to the respective follower of Ahriman. To move around a cluster to go Elika will first need a new power. After purification of an area changed it back into a beautiful landscape filled with orbs. You must collect these orbs, as these light bulbs do you need to force an unlock. So if you've collected enough orbs will return to the temple have to activate it. You're in a dream world right where you first use this force and it can get after it in the real world use them.

They are not forces such as shooting a fireball or lightning, but his strength with which you can use special plates. There are four different types and each leaves you in a different way through the area, and achievement points, which you would not otherwise reach. To each cluster to play you need two forces and there you have enough orbs of course is needed. If the area is still dark, you will spend most enemies and avoid defeat, but when you've cleared the whole area then you will again go through the orbs to collect. It sounds complicated, but if your game once you play will fully understand what I mean.

It's a really great game and Elika is extremely useful for the information regions to come. If you fall into the abyss or threatens to die, Elika will you collect or heal. So you can never die while Prince of Persia and it keeps the pace is good at. Also, you will no longer perform a double jump by another miraculous jump in the air, no, now you just jump and then press triangle so Elika you throw a bit further. This will be regulated and what is particularly important that you know what buttons do what. You'll often consecutively a fast pace to push different buttons to move forward in an area.

Prince of Persia with flying colors. The cell-shaded graphics fit perfectly into the dreamlike world where the story takes place and auditory hallucinations you, you govern in the tale of a thousand and one night. The steering is very smooth and you quickly master. It remains cool to see the prince running against walls and even ceilings and environment puzzles will never get bored. I can now say that Ubisoft has managed to be a worthy new Prince of Persia and to bring a completely new story and new prince totally inferior to the previous parts. I venture to say he has improved and that it is quite an achievement. Prince of Persia is really a must and a game that you can not miss in your collection.


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