Saturday, August 19, 2000

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger | 9.0

First let me give praise to what the developers have done here. This game offers some of the most impressive deep gameplay that you can find in a 2d fighter. The game, even though a spin-off of the Guilty Gear series may as well be a GG game. It keeps a similar art style, over the top characters, and general gameplay as its GG counterpart. With that being said I am also going to say that this game isn't for every 2d fighter fan. The extensive possibilities in the gameplay can be a turn off for some and at the same time a thank you to other players. Let me explain.

When you play through arcade mode you may find yourself winning, but once you go online and run across veteran players they will show you how you know absolutely nothing about this game and have a lot of learning to do. This is no button masher. This game requires precise planning, when it comes to combos, strategy, how to atack your opponent, when to attack your opponent, etc. On top of that this game is so fast at times that you don't have much time to think at all. Now these things can either be good news to you or bad news.

For those who are GG veterans, they will probably have a much easier time learning how to play than others. For those who are coming from let's say Street Fighter, they will find themselves in very unfamiliar territory. This is game is not your normal 2d fighter. The combos take a while to learn and master and you aren't going to get any where online unless you learn them. For those who appreciate all of these things I mentioned, you should go out and get this game; for those who are put off by the steep learning curve, well you decide.

I give the game 4 stars because I feel it deserves it. Perfect games deserve perfect ratings and this game falls short of that because it caters to the hard-core. It is not newbie friendly. The bonus tutorial disc is well appreciated, but I can't imagine how lost customers who buy the regular version in the future will be. For those who do buy the limited version, make sure you write down all the combos the tutorial disc gives you. You are gonna need them.

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