Saturday, March 17, 2007

Transfer Windows HDD files to PS3 via your Network

This is a proven free way to transfer your MPEG4 movies onto the PS3 hard drive

First, you may be well aware that MPEG2 is illegal and therefore not possible for PS3 to decode off the HDD. The only codec that will work is H.263 (also MPEG4 ASP) and H.264 (also MPEG4 AVC). To do this, you must download [URL="http:///"]Red Kata's PS3Video9 [/URL], download the encoder while installing as well. You may do H.263, but that's a little dated. So I suggest doing MPEG4 AVC. You can skip this part if the container is *.MP4 already.

1.) Now Download [URL=""]Red Kawa File Server[/URL]
2.) Go to C:\Program Files\Red Kawa\File Server\core
3.) In this "core" folder make another folder called "files"
4.) Dump your large videos or mp3s in there. AAC worsk, but those crash on mine.
5.) Then, on your PS3's browser go to : http://:8192/files
6.) Download the file onto your hdd.