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PS3forums quotes pt 2

Then MS would announce an HD-DVD drive "built in" to neutralize the PS3. Then they denied that this was ever in the plans.

I remember when that former President of Sega of America Peter something said that. But MS wants Xbox 360 to be less expensive so it can continue to dominate Wii. Ps3 just sold 1 million units last month. Not that I care because I got two PS3s and a Xbox 360.

Then Blu-ray's were "vulnerable" to scratches, much moreso than HD-DVD, and they were inherently flawed for rental companies. But then people on here began to realise that it is HD-DVD that is much more vulnerable to scratches and Blu-ray discs were MUCH more reliable.

I think HD-DVD and Bluray are the same ebcause both have cases, if you take care of it...should last long enough until HVD comes out and replaces BD and HDDVD as mainstream HD format in 2010 or 2011.

These arguments all turned out to be wrong. But at least they were somewhat interesting because we were all waiting with baited breath to see how the PS3 would effect sales and what would happen at CES.

Wait. I'm sure everybody read IGN and reviews and realised that maybe X360 had more 9.0s then PS3 with Resistance FOM being only one until Virtua Fighter 5 in 20 days. Then people look at the screenshots and make their decisions based on what evidence of screenshots they have. Doubt many people hear of CES!

WTF?!? I didn't understand a word you just said. Maybe I missed something because I didn't read the last page.

You are making no sense whatsoever

Really? I really was trying to make sense. So I took the idea of developers claiming 1080p hardware scaling didn't exist and it does so maybe it was a misconception on the programmers part. My writing may be a HS level /w bad english? Americans get taught worse in writing English than Europeans.

Saying a game is 720P by design is meaningless. A game can be rendered to many output resolutions. I can run my PC games at 1280x720, 1600x1200 or 1920x1080 (all 16:9). Which resolution is it "designed" for? All, the game assets like textures are independent from output resolution. Like I said before I can run Quake 2 at 1920x1080 and FEAR at 640x480, of course newer games "match" HD resolutions better for obvious reasons.

Yeah what he said. I think everybody that has PC game would understand thou. PS3 is the exception because it costs like entry level new PC unlike any other console that is standard def CRT TV ready which explains why nothing was above 640x480 for two generations (Jaguar 3DO, PS, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast) and every consoles downsample to 480p. I only had a HDTV for two

and my ps1 is a launch console too and is still as strong as the day i got it

I find that hard to believe, but it's possible. Everybody with a PS1 (not PSone) said it had terrible lifespan. You had to turn it vertically or upside down, because something wore away the laser diode.

i was a bit slow hitting save so that's why this reply may look strange

I have one PS2 that is 76% done with lifecycle and a brand new PStwo with 0% done with it's lifecycle. If I allow PS2 game runs on PS3 it will ware out my PS3 faster and i have no warrentee.

Capo Digi has a sig with King Arthur looking for the holy grail, Jesus's daughter and it's in London according to the Di Vinci Code. Now, I am seriously wondering if Graham Chapman already knew this when doing his part as King Arthur in Monty Python's Holy Grail. Movie was seriously funny. Graham was a genius so of course he purposely did a movie on it 30 years before the Di Vinci Code.

Half-life 2 Orange Coming this summer to PS3

Downloading torrents sucks thru my connection so I am buying HL2 Black for PC only even though it sounds too good to be true on PS3, yet it's coming out at $60! I don't want to have my Geforce 8 series wasted. I haven't played a game on it in over 40 days because of these forums are so addicting! With the Neverwinter Nights 2 torrent at Torrentspy I only averaged at 7 Kb/s with 17 Kb/s tops. It's a wonder how I managed to get Panzer Dragoon saga, Dragon Force, Guardian Heroes, and Magic Knight Rayearth over my Kaband connection.

Is Blu-ray the best medium for GAMES?

Okay, Ars-Technicia doesn't mention that all games cache off the hard drive so for example Square-Enix could save data to hard drive while the area of Final Fantasy is loaded into memory so the next area will load really fast. What is a 10 second loading screen in RRVII to you? How about we accept it doesn't load levels instantly like a N64 would. Who is going to buy Xbox 360 over PS3 because of a few seconds difference in loading screens. A lot more people bought Neo Geo CD more then Neo Geo AVS and the loading times of Neo Geo CD sucked /w 1x CD-ROM!

IGN's Most Anticipated Playstation games of 07

I like Half-life 2 Orange Box the best despite getting ep2 for PC... God of War 2 is a ps2 game. Did you mean it's multi platform?

Here is my list (okay so it's a little science fiction)

1.) Grand Theft Auto 5
2. Grand Theft Auto 4
3.) Gran Turismo 5
4.) Metal Gear Solid 4
5.) Final Fantasy XIV
6.) Final Fantasy XIII & VS XIII
7.) Dragon Quest X
8.) Xenogears II (because Namco ends Xenosaga, square-enix still has license)
9.) Valkyrie Profile 3
10.) Star Ocean 4
11.) God of War 3
12.) Resident Evil 5
13.) Disgaea 3
14.) Super Mario and Legend of Zelda competition disc (I can fantasize)

If this is indeed true, then I have one less reason to buy a 360.

I can say that, but i own both already so there is no point. That still would hurt my ability to get 4 rep pts being so rich and poor (whichever way you look at it) I can not even afford a 35 dollar DS game. I want Castlevania Portrait of Ruin because it is a castlevania game of good score of 8.5.
What could i possibly say when i get Wii in two months. I could very well be changing views monthly depending on my "latest" favorite game is on *insert here*. Funny thing the gawl darn truth of the matter is my mp3s and aac corrupts on the first model's hdd so buying a 60 gig model (/w firmware 1.30) would surely be a waste of money.
Such as last month's favorite was Gears of War, this month's favorite is Panzer Dragoon Saga (downloaded the so thrilled). Next month will be Legend of Zelda TTP or Castlevania PoR.

Which FF13 are u most hyped up for

I must be drunk when I say FF13 looks god awefully immature (anime plus the clothing) and the dialog are at least 13 year old comprehention level. I don't care if the lead role is male or female coz I'm not sexist.....who wouldn't want sexy women in the lead role? I mean FF12 is the first time a Squaresoft rpg doesn't rely on anime which i agree with sort of cos it makes it more western RPG-like. But no, Squaresoft had to go back to the animish ATB RPG we had since SNES! Don't matter to people anyways. They'll buy this game no matter what battle system, clothing, facing it has because it has "Final Fantasy" on the box. Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles sold over 1 million copies and it wasn't high-grade as Final Fantasy X-2. Final Fantasy III wasn't very good either and yet the brand name alone sold a lot of copies.

I'm a expert in Roman Numberals


Blu-ray isn't changing gaming

It is changing how lazy the programmer can be and no, Xbox 360 games may look superior which says it all. The gaming developer is welcome to get lazy with compression and filesizes. If there is no compression comprimizes, maybe all that effort can go towards artistic design and story direction. It worked for Resistance. Unfortunately, Playstation 2 would be the "NES of Sony" PS3 is the "N64 of Sony" while PS1 is the "SNES of Sony". <-- strikely popularity comparison here I might add.

Wow, I found that incredibly pathetic. Go impress your friends with your own skills, instead of taking credit for someone else's.

No really! You're not obligated too. Doing it myself anyway like everyone else okay. No body got their feelings hurt.

his is some indication that the attach rate for HD-DVD is much better

Easily because the only dual layer BD is "Click" and DL-HD-DVDhas an advantage of 5 GB more space while cheaper to buy. I don't know if "DVD" in HD-DVD logo is giving HD-DVD an unfair advantage or not. Can someone clear that up for me? It's true, most of my friends are obsessive over the obsolete DVD format.

The real question is, how many potential BluRay consumers were holding off for the cheaper and higher quality (HDMI 1.3) PS3 to come out to watch their movies on?

What scares me is my parents and one of my friend is excited for the generation after Bluray because they have a HDTV, but my friend deals with the pixelation of MPEG2 on DVD. The reduced cost makes it well worth it. This friend of mine is still getting his first DL-DVDRW. He'll still be supporting DVDR when HVDs came out officially.

Are you kidding? I still have my Sega CD Lunar, and my Ghaleon punching puppet. They're not getting rid of me that easily.

I just don't get it. Lunar 1 & 2 were the best selling Sega CD games yet all the original fanfare came from the Saturn version (US Saturn release canceled due to 1998 death) so US Playstation owners got it. Always wondered why Saturn MPEG was superior to PS1s FMV. MPEG is MPEG -- hardware shouldn't matter! Still one of the highlights of the PS version was MPEG quality was up to Final Fantasy VIII standards.

Of course it plays obsolete...I played The Silver Star Story and I say it played obsolete for PS RPG.

Meh, all my games were burned.

Tough luck.


I sure don't know if Sony is going to win, but I am absolutely right when I know CarpetShark's avatar is Mao from Shadow Hearts - From the New World....I am just that good! I'm a sony fan, and I'm a power-purchaser for somebody not rich. Videogames are dumb, but then they aren't dumb at the same time. It confuses me. I mean people aren't dumb on this forum yet they talk about these "worthless videogames that loose value fast /w no increase in value*. I dunno. Maybe I'm a paranoid basement guy.

So inlighten me, what's the point of collecting?

(A) The price will only hinder sales a little bit until a price drop, which isnt to far off in the future.
The PS3 is obviously an awesome console and is recognized by consumers as such.

I know it's scary thought when PS3 keeps lowers in price, the less special you are (and the more mainstream it is). Spooky!

I thought it was called the white engine? or was that other Square Enix games?

I didn't look at wikipedia for the info.

Then, Square doesn't even sell their technologies, when it becomes obsolete, they simply scrap it and make a new one... jerks... lol

That's how they keep all the money inside the company (why save money when your 2nd largest publisher in japan). No matter how much money Square spends on flagship titles...they always get 150% back

"PS3 as a Bluray Player"

do yourself a favor and read the entire article but for the lazy.. there are some standouts below:

That's nice, but I watched Talladega Nights which sucked movie wise and i got all the other Blu-ray on DVD which is a waste of money to upgrade to High Def. Also, my parents aren't ready for HD yet. They went from VHS (1970s tech) straight to DVD. No S-VHS, no HiFi-VHS, no Data-VHS in between that, and we still have a composite tv (people like us use their TVs for at least 5 years!).
And no it's not NASCAR that's the problem. It's the fact they didn't put Rudy (Sean Austin) in it instead. Why put a movie based on America's 2nd most spectator sport?
What the heck! What the **** is wrong with Rudy? It doesn't matter to you british anyways. You hate both American Football and NASCAR. What's your problem?

think it's entirely possible that Blu-ray has won and we just don't know it yet

Blu-ray may be winning, but since my Circuit City is the top store in all the midwest and it says HD-DVD is doing better now in this part of the country, it'd be unwise to not take their word for it. They have as much credibility as any electronic store in Woodbury, MN.

Will there be a Lite-on HVD player peripheral for PS3 by 2010 to move PS3 to the next level of High Def when the time comes? It's not impossible right?

It's probably not to hard to do 1tb of data on a movie.

It's not 1 TB, it's 300 GB right now. When Obtware said 3.9 TB, they don't mean mass-production nor available at Best Buy, they meant experimental prototypes

The standards body Ecma International is leading the standard setting group for HVD, and expects to submit a proposed standard (probably at 300 GB compacity) to the International Organization for Standardization for ISO approval, around December 2006

HVD Player addon

Will there be a Lite-on HVD player peripheral for PS3 by 2010 to move PS3 to the next level of High Def when the time comes? It's not impossible right?

Erm...ok. And the ps4 will use a cold fusion power source and have a quantum computing processor.[quote]

No, Quantium computers will be fully functional when Moore's Law ends in 2018-2020 so Playstation 6 will have a early Quantium CPU in 2018 -- maybe if we're that lucky.

[quote]I highly doubt that HVD will have it's primary use for video unless it does uncompressed 1440p or 1080p.

It'll be for various 1080p TV-series. Season 10 of The Simpsons or Season 9 of ST Voyager, because you're right it wouldn't make sense for a 2 1/2 hour movie to be on it.

I highly doubt that HVD will have it's primary use for video unless it does uncompressed 1440p or 1080p.

It'll be for various 1080p TV-series. Season 10 of The Simpsons or Season 9 of ST Voyager, because you're right it wouldn't make sense for a 2 1/2 hour movie to be on it.

What are you playing the MOST on your PS3?

Haven't opened Resistance yet. So it's the best game for PS3, I am really trying to get above 9th place in RR7. The art of drifting I had experienced with the xbox version of Colien McRae Rally 04 or Rallisport Challenge. The fact I suck at it won't matter. I have barely any friends, everybody will be playing something else in 2 months, and it's offline due to my ****ty satellite internet uplink.

I am thinking about playing a PSX of the Final Fantasy games or Xenogears.

Why would we need a ps4 when the ps3 is future proof?

IF the PS3 was "future proof" it would've had a G80-based RSX and a better shader model, but that proved unnecessary and expensive. A DirectX 10-like PS3 would be fun.

I sorry to bring this here but I see at that alot of people think Square Enix is being racist because they have no other race but white people in them. I know from pass games that this can be true

Haven't you seen black women in FF XII? How about the black people in Star Ocean 3 Till the End of Time? And the fact, there are no caucasians in Japanese RPGs. They're all Asian anyways except for FF12 which is trying to look British on purpose for change. I mean the 2nd largest market for videogames is the United States, and we're definately not made up of Asians so it would make sense to have a Final Fantasy for the Western world complete with black people.

Sony confirms PS4

Sony shouldn't of made it public. Sony is working up PS4 hardware alliances to keep the other 1st parties in check (besides Nintendo who is making profit...I know Wii 2/360 is certain realistic)
Working with Sony Toshiba IBM alliance and Nvidia G100-based GPU would be my guess.

is NOT backwards compatible and they'll abandon BD for Sony Yellow-Ray technology,

If you think "BD2" is like HVD than greenish-blue laser diode man. If it was BD Alliance's Yello-Ray than HVD alliance would say yellow laser diode instead of greenish-blue diode (HVD same generation as "yello-ray"). Got it?

It really should been GBD instead of YD, don't you think?

Vote your favorite Audio Compression


I pick AAC because

1.) Rather than VBR that Vorbis has....AAC is smaller filesize with flat bitrate
2.) MPEG4 part 3 is the successor to MPEG2 part 3
3.) I'm a end user who doesn't care about liscenses manufactures have to pay to legally obtain a decoder.
4.) WMA doesn't play in Linux.
5.) Nero AAC encoder 4.9.x won the July 2006 48 kbps test at Hydrogenfo

Buyin experiance at Circuit City

Circuit City is the worst place to get the PS3 for me because I'm an employee and employee gets last bids. While I'm working, I can't buy anything during my shift so when it's over the PS3 is not there (so I would say Game Stop in Inver Grove Heights is my favorite next to Shop Ko.) These places for some reason carried it at the right time I called in.

Hmm...I think you need to grow up my friend. I did look at the package, and I can read what it says, and if you would have taken time before you rushed to click "Add to cart" you would have realized whats going on.

I would buy off internet except ebay is too expensive and those online stores haven't carried any at the time I bought it late November, early December.

Red Steel

Ubisoft Paris stinks on Red Steel. They're putting all their avaliable resources in Splinter Cell Double Agent and GRAW. GRAW 360 got a 9.5 on IGN. For those who forgot, Paris was capital of the last socialist state in Europe which is why Americans boycott french fries, french red wine, french cigars, french dressing, french tea, and Jean Reno movies.

I have as of 12/19/06

Talledaga Nights Ballet of Ricky Bobby
Terminator 2
The Great Raid

What I hate about this generation of gamers.....

If you want a extremely pro Nintendo site: Check this site. I literally come here so i may be sane about people likign what i like; not some SNES rom you play with the wiimote and think it's the best thing ever! Okay so I'm exaggerating a little, but 1.) PS3 can be just as fun 2.) we're getting GT5, MGS4 and FFXIII. 3.) Nintendo fans hate talking about PC specs.

So when you say Novell you mean OSS as a whole

I don't know. How can you attack tarballs with source code on 1000s of servers? That's impossible. You can attack distrobutions because people pay Novell for retail boxes at CompUSA and Best Buy. Suse 10.1 is next to the Windows XP Pro boxes at the above places. Of course Microsoft would pick on Suse which happens to be owned by Novell. Suse Linux is 2nd to Ubuntu Linux in popularity and has some of the most state-of-the-art OSS software packages aimed for causal desktop user.

They want Suse out of the picture eventually for MS's survival.

PS3's launch isn't all that great

Well the $500 peice of sh!t as worth it! *sarcasium* Whos backing me up?

Well, encouraging may not be enough. And promises for better looking games in the future don't really cut it. The PS3 is here now, it costs an extra $200 (at minimum), and the visual difference is questionable

D@mn it! It's not Sony's fault DirectX 9 is a property of Microsoft! They are stuck with Open GL 2.0 hardware acceleration. Developers have a hay day developing for PC (no SDK charges because the PC is a SDK in itself). MS has the advantage!

M$ does own G4, why do you think their big PS3 launch special blew?

Xbox 360 is preferred in the majority of American gamer percentage? That's fact. The truth makes you not a nice person doesn't it?

k...I told my friends that I want to upgrade my PS3 to a 200GB harddrive. They said why do u need so much space, it's just a console. What should I tell them?

Tell them that the 1 terabyte SATA drives are out and go's the thrend and nerdy thing to do. Then after he says really? Tell him he's a bloke because "idoits want to upgrade for no reason so they can never fill it up, but say they have it"

just wait, and you will get all that u want. also the problem is that alot of studios are producing for both microsoft and sony now -> because XBOX did a great job with the market and which in return means MORE MONEY / more people

Game Industry doesn't interest me as much as the stuff on shelves (or my shelf for that matter) I know no matter what you say...that JRPG is $60 for either 360 or PS3 and what for? Price gouging. Game industry can get away with the price if Americans pay it and no doubt there are 2/3 as many as two generations ago in the USA. Anywho, I don't see any out and I'm mad.

Last generation (6th gen 2001 - 2006) there has been a decrease in PC gamer except for the Blizzard games which break records. The best selling PC game is still The Sims 2 from 2004. (though Diablo 2 is best selling MMORPG and RPG)

Playstation 2 is the only console that outdone the Playstation. Gamecube did poorer in sales than N64 and Dreamcast better than Saturn (because it was high res 3D instead of 2D powerhouse like Saturn) while nobody bought DC because of the SEGA nameplate (word means sucky to most gamers). With Sega out...MS brings Halo / PGR3 / Forza / some PC developers / DirectX 8 to console industry.

White Knight Story (working title) by Level 5 in Japan looks very promising and will hopefully be out late 2007

I want Dragon Quest 9 from Level 5!

Official PAL PS3 Launch Countdown Until March 23rd! - 47 Days

I don't see an awesome JRPG in there

PS3 is suppose to be a JRPG goldmine like PS2 was. The fact I haven't seen any besides FFXIII and that is popular because the 3rd largest developer on Earth makes it. (EA does Madden, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, MLB, and Need for Speed | Nintendo does Mario, Zelda, Pokemon | Square-Enix develops for *you guessed it* PS3)

Sony vs. Legend of Zelda

nother stupid article. It should be Wii vs. PS3, but he's doing Zelda to get page hits because TTP is the best selling Wii game. I dunno the point?

"Alien" First Person shooter

I want Alien vs. Star Trek Elite Force (a parody of Alien vs. Predator for PC/Jaguar) Alien board Enterprise E (of the Star Trek TNG) and the ship's force field fail and "Alien" breaches 2/3s of the Enterprise E

I can't wait to be Sigourney Weaver behind a machine gun!!! And I want Tom Skerritt to voice Dallas. And lets have HAL look a lot better this time(updated to 2006 standards).

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