Saturday, March 03, 2007

Old School Flash Back: Sega Saturn

I'm am really confused what the best Saturn game is, but I know if it's not radiant Silvergun, that I own it! Whether its' Panzer Dragoon Saga or Fighter Megamix or Virtua Fighter 2 (best selling game) or

You see, Randy is coming over tomorrow so there is nothing to post other then I'm getting Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection for PS3 because it's only $20 I originally was going to spend $40 on God of War 2, but I'll withdrawal $25 to pay for God of War 2 later this month.

I would buy an iPod, but sense I'm really clever and found out that LAME 3.97 MPEG2.5 sounds almost exactly like a HE-AAC at 64 kbps doubles the space in each of my aging mp3 players. (just listen to my blog mp3 player) And I barely go outta my room so whats' the point on wasting money something that plays HE-AAC and is smaller, and uses a bit less battery?

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