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PS3forums quotes pt 1

How can 36 and Wii compete wtih Home

It's hardly initiative. Sony was looking at the best selling PC game ever, The Sims 2, and copied it exactly with VoIP and mp3 streaming additions. But peopel don't care....Sony fans will love it because The Sims 2 technically is the best selling pc game ever.

've been trying to think of how the other consoles can compete with PSHome. for example, is making xbox live "free" enough? It seems like ps3 has gotten an advantage in the online network. Everytime i think of how 360 or wii can compete with Home, i can only think of them making their own "home". Like seriously, what else could they do?

I disagree. PS3 is in 3rd place. Xbox 360 and Wii are in 2nd place. How exactly can't they compete? Their superiority will still above PS3 w/o HOME. HOME is irrelevant, really. HOME is just a large file you'll download for free. Some people will do it, but most people won't.

Is Motorstorm Worth it?

I haven't bought a PSP game in 4 months and missed out on Ratchet & Clank Size Matters and Daxter until 2pm today for $55 with Gamestop discounts. And I have to save my money up for Atelier Iris 3 ~Grand Fantasm~ next month (best Gust-developed RPG yet, 8.0 out of 10) in April. Also coming out in April is Riviera The Promised Land. I'd wait until it's $29 3 months from now.

NEW Rachet and Clank info + Screens (PS3 game)

know this looks awesome and there are a lot of 20-something year olds into videogames, but I don't know how i'm going to pay for these advanced software. Or hardware when it breaks. I guess I rather talk about it then keep buying $50 - $60 next gen games all the time. That's what most of people on this forum do, right?

I'm ignoring my gaming rig on the other side of my room! Expensive piece of crap! It's hard to know what platform to play on when you own everything at the moment. I might have an anime RPG addiction which may explain why I'm into consoles.

I like to see that even though it is difficult now to develop for the ps3 companys are not shying away from it. Cell style technology is going to be a standard design pretty soon so not learning it is only going to ruin a company. Also with the upcoming GDC I hope to see even more companys willing to tackle development on the ps3 (talk of releasing dev tools at GDC).

Yeah, the game industry is like a 100 billion dollar industry, but the fanbase is shrinking even though it's much bigger than it was in 1990s. It really would be death for a developer if he didn't learn the hardware and multiports seem to lessen financial damage if the publisher can do PS3, 360, Wii, maybe PSP as well. In this regard, EA and Activision and Namco-Bandai have no worries cos they're the biggest. Square-Enix can survive on PS2, PSP, and NDS because of their fanbase is so large unlike a lot of other developers. I have like most of their games too on PS, PS2

The Inquier on Console Shortages

I like IGN or Gamespot, depending on the section...the editors are bashing other sections. I've been to the inquirer to prove my point on a few occasions at wikipedia (ie keep those wikipedians from flaming at me for giving the real Wii specs. They called me uncreditable)

Motorstorm thread

My life is fricken terrible. I have a friend over once every 4 months. I can't make friends. The Gamestp[ people are calling Sony fanboys stupid and crazy for knowing the Wii specs. I could be wasting my time in front of the TV, but I've been doing that since 8. What sets me a part form the normal gamer is the fact I think games are stupid (on the road....i hang around non-gamers) because no body cares abuot my opinion and I have 120 PS2 games, 42 PS games, 42 DC games, 23 N64 games, 18 Saturn games, 69 Xbox games, 16 Xbox 360 games, 50+ PC games and no body games with me so I'm forced to! And I don't even have my CCNA degree!

Life is so damn uninteresting that I've thought about suicide, but the fact I'm anthiest and think once you dont' go to heaven...point is i dread death so I hate living at home and ****ing doing nothing.

*Drunk with Surly Darkness* Yet another $60 down the piper *hick* paying for Motorstorm and everybody favors the popular guy" *Hick* .

F1CE Review

Nobody goes to for reasons i don't know. We got a 40%, 50%, 48%, and IGN's 72%

Greatest Console Ever Made?

Why the heck is 16-bit SNES is the 2nd favorite conosle of all time...

What was on it? Legend of Zelda Link to the Past or Chrono Trigger? Those games are really outdated. I see how ppl voted N64 with Perfect Dark, Goldeneye and Legend of Zelda OoT, Banjo Kazooie and SM64 though because that was a time where polygons existed! PS must've tied because of the Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, and MGS...maybe Chrono Cross.

Anyone purchase VF5 yet?

I owned it since yesterday. It's great. The fighters are so much like supermodels....before you know it...Sega is putting out "Virtua Fighter Beach Volleyball" All the men are going to be in boxers and all the women are going to be in bikini. Except unlike DOAX2, Virtua Fighter Beach Volleyball is going to have multiple jetski courses!

Is this game even out in Canada yet?

Give a Wal-Mart in Detroit your Canadian dollars....I'm sure they'll take $50 and $10 bills.

All I'm saying is N64 and PS make more sense as 2nd place behind PS2 because it emulated SNES, backwards comptiable with PSone.

my local game store has had the same lineup on the shelf for 3 weeks now with the exception of a couple of new titles added

But how many titles do you plan to own? 14 - 20?

PS3 Fans, Why Did you not buy a 360?

The reason why I didn't buy a 2nd Xbox 360 is because PS3 is more powerful so I bought two (one was freebee), I bought a Geforce 8800 GTX for $630, and I thought I couldn't go wrong with PS3 because it has two best selling consoles of all time inside it. I figured out that a 64 kbps LAME 3.97 b2 mp3 file sounds a lot like a AAC file at the same bitrate and it doesn't currupt on the hdd so i'm even more happy then i was a month ago.

And I'll tell you the facts: Xenon can't execute x86 instructions natively, it has to use emulation. And what does any of this have to do with licensing? Microsoft doesn't have to pay nVidia anything. Why the hell would they? And since both consoles use the Direct3D API, the most that would be needed is a compatability layer for some GeForce specific things.

Sorry man I'm right for once...please don't get mad. CTRL F emulate and you'll find the word is non-existent.

A 333 MHz RISC CPU can certainly emulate a 33 MHz RISC (with only 2 MB of VRAM and a MB of RAM) at half the PS's resolution. That's like so simple for it.

3GB of ram is not needed to emulate

Damn it! I ****ing know this! It's just that I so happen to have 3 GB inside it for no ****ing reason...I'm going to ****ing lie and say I only have 512 MB in my PC so you can laugh at me and say that isn't enough ram.

A 333 MHz RISC CPU can certainly emulate a 33 MHz RISC (with only 2 MB of VRAM and a MB of RAM) at half the PS's resolution. That's like so simple for it.

3GB of ram is not needed to emulate

Damn it! I ****ing know this! It's just that I so happen to have 3 GB inside it for no ****ing reason...I'm going to ****ing lie and say I only have 512 MB in my PC so you can laugh at me and say that isn't enough ram.

A Opteron 165 2.8GHz dual core mode is only 56 fps in the most complex Final Fantasy 10 (2001 era) and this is emulating 1 294 MHz 128-bit RISC and two 160 MHz 128-bit RISC. It's not even doing God of War 2. The Xenon is 3 cores at 3.2 GHz sharing 1 MB L2 cache and you believe that it can emulate a 733 MHz Pentium 3? Xbox 360 even has in order processing like current x86 CPUs (before the AMD K8L, the first out of order x86 CPU since Pentium III)

Even Grandia III is getting 44.3 Frames per second on the Dual Core AMD Opteron 165 2.8GHz

The Xenon would have to be reading the game code w/o emulating the Pentium 3 otherwise you would see below normal fps on all games. It is true Xbox 360 runs Xbox games at full frames per second so it can't be possibly emulating it like you say it is. And it is the first PPC architecture running Windows NT kernal which itself is compatible with the Xbox WinNT kernel which fools the Xbox game code into thinking Xenon is compatible architecture. It doesn't give error messeges or anything does it?

Plus this site says the Xenon CPU shares similarities with Pentium 4

Stupid idea.

Even if Sony were to remove Emotion Engine, the Emotion engine, SPE, MIPS, Vector Units are in my current one. PSX2 is running Final Fantasy X at 15 fps and I thought my Athlon 64 X2 4800 ...point is I don't believe PS3 can software emulate PS2 with those specs. The only reason why Xbox 360 could emulate Xbox is Xenon could read source code the Pentium 3 uses because it's designed specifically to do so.

Athlon 64 X2 4800
512 MB of RAM at 400 MHz
Geforce 7800 GTX

Cell isn't a Xenon so how could you make it read PS2 game code?

Sony has the resources with IBM to make the chip exceptionally small and inexpensive...heck the CPU has compatible with assembly code writen for can be different clock speeds or differnt architecture (like the IBM Xenon acting as an emulator for the Pentium III). The FC Twin isn't using Nintendo hardware specs and it is compatible with SNES and NES games.

I realize that the Emotion Engine is off when PS3 games use the PS3 hardware. In a future firmware update, developers can use the Emotion Engine to their advantage getting some extra CPU load off Cell Broadband Engine for AI and LPCM processing.

It's possible to use the Emotion Engine in PS3 games right?

Virtua Fighter 5 boosts PS3 sales

It's cooler then John Lennon for the remainer of this month. Then another superior game will come out that eclipes VF5 in game play, graphics, sound, and replay value such as Final Fantasy 13! So until then, you have to play some really boring less-then-perfect fighting game. PS3 is getting so bored playing something not 9.5 out of 10 like MGS4 huh?

It's pretty good.....not perfect, but pretty good. And I can buy it tomorrow (16 hrs 15 minutes and counting)

PS3 is #2 in AOL's "Gadgets you shouldn't buy"

Stare at your cable/satellite box when one asks why BD is doing badly. Kick it if you want too, but since nobody is that stupid'll just have to live with satellite which has more varity/is cheaper/more delightful then worth buying on BD at the moment. Satellite subscribers pretty much own DVD collectors' soul too.

It's definitely not an old school game collection....

And those people who think the future is downloading MPEG4 onto HDDs as TV...Tivo converts MPEG2.5 satellite streams into MPEG4 (maybe H264) for HDD storage and it's in real time too!

Funny how this quickly turned into an AOL bashing thread Haha

Well yeah, I got those annoying 30 day free of AOL 5/6/7/8/9/10 trials in the mail to screw me over with long distance call charges and hidden back out fees! Must be a member for at least 1 year or pay $100. Plus, the biggest problem is 56k only! If you got a router and cable inside your home....your cable ISP is probably not AOL

I used to have AOL, but they falsely charged me for a month's fee that I never used with my PC. It was one of those promotional packages that came with my PC. We just need patience because good games haven't shown up yet (Virtua Fighter 5 coming tomorrow). The EU PS3 launch will show us some good games. I just hope the 360 and Wii people accuse us of having ports that are available for their systems. Motorstorm will show us the PS3's capabilities.

Sorry to be a angry humbug or anything, but it's true AOL is the worst ISP ever! They don't even program Netscape. Mozilla Foundation does. AOL takes money from Netscape the ISP service. They can say anything they want and be in denial. The real truth of Bluray's slow sales is HD and standard def satellite channels. All that money is going towards paying for DirecTV HD package or the foreign equivenant of DirecTV HD programming!

There is nothing wrong with Bluray technically. Bluray has all the backing of every major corperation except Universal Studios (keep in mine that Universal was the last publisher of Data VHS which says a lot) Has anyone other then me saw a real life DVHS tape?

There is none that i know of you all need modded machines,

Action Replay Max Evo Edition & SNESSTATION /w USB tweak. ARMEE comes with PGEN and PC software to burn SMDs on it.

F1CE gets a 90/100!!!

There is none that i know of you all need modded machines,

Action Replay Max Evo Edition & SNESSTATION /w USB tweak. ARMEE comes with PGEN and PC software to burn SMDs on it.

Who gave their Valentine a Vermont Teddy Bear?

This exceptionally well made bear is made in Vermont by the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and it's cute too. Everybody likes teddy bears.

I actually thought of this while searching google for valentine day gifts.

Let me point out what you said here, "immense computer power that is available in the CPU." For the heck of it, lets all just admit that the PC itself nowadays is immensly powerful. Heres the thing though, a while ago, someone made a thread about the new Dell C2H computer and within that thread I did advise nobody to purchase it. But do you know why Dell built that computer? Mainly because we've seen most of the limits that we can do right now with the PC. All we can really do is up the processor (make more cores),

Hey man, are you telling us that buying a AMD K8L quadcore CPU isn't worth the money when the reviews give it a 9.0? I mean if you own a AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800 with 1 MB L2 cache is still reletively powerful I should wait until a later model of AMD K8L (late 2008 ) is out that has higher MHz and $300 less expensive than the launch model.

quadcore at 2.6 GHz (starting at)
out of order operations (like Xbox and IBM PPC900 CPUs)
2 MB L2 cache
2 MB L3 cache (free bonus) 4x power
L1 cache sort of slow: dual 128-bit bus

Core 2 Duo Extreme

quadcore at 3.0 GHz
in order operations
L1 cache: 128-bit bus
2 MB of L2 cache only half as much and bad bad bad
NO L3 cache What's L3 cache? We have teh bling bling logo!
Shiny and trusted "Intel logo" It sells processors by itself

Athlon X2 4800

1 MB L2 cache
64KB L1 cache
in-order operations (like Xbox 360)

To you, browsing some forums and arguing with some noobs is more fun than playing some great games?

Course. People don't care what I play...they care what i know.

First off, if it's allready bin posted don't blame me. I used search and nothing came up.

It may be Febuary but my local GameStation was selling the March edition of "PlayStation Official Magazine - UK"... don't ask why.

So I look on the back to find a small Bioshock screen
Stunning aquatic horror/shooter set to make waves on PS3
being the text next to the image. I turn to the page about Bioshock.

Bioshock's version of a decaying underwater utopia is one of the most original ideas coming to PS3.
Then there is a lot of text about the idea of the game.

If anyone would like pics, please say so.


More coming...


One more to go:

All of those images were taken by a phone camera so they are not amazing quality.

Pm me for scans.

Made by Coolio cuz he owns.

ADL, why don't you post the PC images and resize to 1280x720. It would look a hell a lot better!

Mine's prettier.

who listens to ea? i would answer this but i dont wanna offend anyone. besides ea.


Right now, most of us here think the 360 will be on top for this generation, with the battle for second place between Sony and Nintendo (and that's a major shock

I'm on a verge of buying a wii, but i can't find one. I own a X360 (which obviously needs surge protector or it'll eventually get "spiked") and a PS3 (trying hard to prevent a spike)

:My crappy ports does not sell well on the PS3, so get a Wii and 360, where people keep buying my god awful ports

Madden NFL 2005 was brilliant across the board 3 major consoles. 9.5 out of 10 those years. Best balance of gameplay. Unfortunately, Madden NFL 2005 isn't a PS3 game. Interesting aspect of Madden 2005 is it had competition from a much cheaper, better football game from Visual Concepts.

Shut your employees up, just like you did when they weren't getting paid for overtime, get off your crown of Madden Football, and try to actually make a good game for once.

That's what all Europeans and Austriasian countries say about Madden. How do i know if you're from one of those countries?

Yeah, EA's crappy ports aren't selling on the PS3. Guess what? Besides Resistance, which sold decently, nothing else is.

I bought Ridge Racer 7 because you don't buy a $500 console plus $60 insurance to play 1 game. I believe that is something that anyone here can agree with. Plus, it got the 2nd highest launch title score at IGN.

Bluray vs. HDDVD replication costs revealed

I know.....let's let Sony worry about the 25 GB BD cost, we buy the good PS3 games for $60 and not think about it cos it's a waste of brain power. Good reason why, you'll have to go back to the drawing board and get hyped up for 300 GB Holographic Versicle Disc in 2009 as the next big movie format. By then, you can see a lot of bargian Blu-ray movies, and BD-RW in your computer are sorta mainstream.

Much has been speculated about the cars that will be available on GT5, but apparently no one's talking about the licensed tracks. So what new tracks do you wanna see in GT5? I personally would love to see some legendary tracks such as Monza, Silverstone, Indianapolis, Hockenhein, and most important than all, Spa-Francochamps.

I want whatever they manage to rip me off on. At least Gran Turismo 4 you can buy for $40 when it came out at Gamestop used. Gran Turismo 4 had everything!

every year at SEMA a car is chosen to be put into the next Gran Turismo game. It is a very prestigious award as the game is the most popular driving simulator to date.

Now imagine this, with the Eyetoy 2's technology to upload your face into your PS3 and create your very own avatar of yourself. Imagine if you could use your eyetoy to upload your exact car into the game. (Dents and all lol).
This would open a whole new ground to customizing and make the next GT amazing!

edit: click the gran turismo awards vid from the link.

Impossible. What you pay for is what you get! No expansion paks, no freebee cars (and limited cars on the BD won't hurt the overall score...I guarantee you that)

By the way Renegade, what relm you play on? East/West/etc.? I have a few accounts on USeast for D2:LoD if you wanted to hook up.

I'll play on user account is renegadeviking. I have many saved single player d2 files saved on the net. It'd be more fun starting out with a lvl 50 or higher character then level 1. Do you play often? I have nothing to do today actually.

Street Fighter 2 being Remade

What is wrong with just playing the < $20 Street Fighter Anniversary Collection?

You know Capcom's repeating failure with Street Fighter EX! Street Fighter EX and King of Fighters Maximum Impact are not good ones.

Ok so I just finished watching a Gamespot interview with one of the guys from AM2 who worked on VF5 for PS3. Don't ask me his name. Anyhow in the translation text there is a bit where he says they needed the Blu-ray space to fit all of the extra character items that are unlockable. Or something to that affect anyway.

What is true here is Xbox 360 will be on DL-DVD and the PS3 version will be on BD. VF5 is on BD simply because every (100%) ps3 game coming out are also on BD. No conflicts. That's just how things are. It's true that VF5 can fit on DVD /w compression and lossy audio codecs like WMA.

Hold up that doesn't make sense, VF5 for the Xbox 360 is coming out months after the PS3 version so why cut content from the PS3 version if it's not going to be a simultaneous release?

As much as Sony fans would love to have more content, SEGA-AM2 chose to do the PS3 version first, and had a easier time porting the code to Xbox 360 so there was time to spare to add levels and characters, because later ports always have more content.

Was true for

DOA 2X for Xbox
Sonic Adventure DX for Cube
Skies of Arcadia for Cube
Fatal Frame 2 for Xbox and PS2 after the original
Resident Evil 4 for PS2
Resident Evil Code Veronica X for PS2
Star Ocean 3 for NTSC PS2
Xbox port of Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance
Conker Live and Reloaded
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
Hydro Thunder for Dreamcast

I can see the 360 version coming aout later being superior than the PS3

I discovered the absolutely right answer to why the 360 version is superior to the PS3 version.
Virtua Fighter 5 is running on the Sega Lindbergh arcade board. It makes perfect sense...the arcade is powered by DirectX 9.0c

* CPU: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz with 1 megabyte L2 Cache, Hyper Threading Compatible, 800MHz FSB
* RAM: 184 pin DDR SDRAM PC3200(400 MHz) 512 MB × 2(Dual)
* GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 AGP (NV40), 256 Bit GDDR3 256 MB,
Compatible Vertex Shader 3.0 & Pixel Shader 3.0
* Sound: 64 channel, 5.1 ch SP-DIF
* LAN: On board, 10/100/1000 BASE-TX. JVS I/O Connector
* Serial: 2 Channel (can switch one channel between 232C and 422)
* Other: USB port x 4, Compatible HDTV (High Definition), DVD Drive Support, Sega ALL.NET online support
* Linux OS[


* The House of the Dead 4 — (2005)
* Power Smash 3: Sega Professional Tennis — (2006)
* Ami-gyo — (2006)
* Virtua Fighter 5 — (2006)
* After Burner Climax — (2006)
* Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice — (2006)

he physics card is not a godsend but it does help your graphics card run at a much more considerable ease when possible.

That's not a problem for now. The most complex game on my HDD is Guild Wars Nightfall (I'm in GW: Prophecies at the moment....resilient to play it due to my stubbornness to finish with Final Fantasy 12 and talk on the forums at the same time with constant sleep. Thinking Guild Wars can run on a Geforce 6600 GT at 1280x1024 fine so that shows how much slack i have before my system gets laggy again!

Any new games like Battlefield 2142, Neverwinter Nights 2 will run at max settings on my G8800 GTX and Battlefield 2142 I thought is a higher-end PC game. What I'm saying is I have to do this all single online FPS for me coz satellite broadband limitations. My favorite MMORPG takes hardly any resources because it is Diablo 2 /w Lord of Destruction. Consoles have a more fun single player experience

If I feel I need extra *for my eyes only* graphics boost for just UT3 than I'll get a 64 MB physics card. Haven't decided if I want software over hardware I don't need or vice versa.

1up too of course. I just want to repeat the success of post their collections for every platform and everybody seemed to love to comment on the person above them, and jolly good thread.

Someone please can even lie and post the largest collection on IGN!

Got updates

2010, Cell-based CPU and no BD-ROM confirmed by Engadget I think.

Epic Games Gears up For Greatness

Sony is lucky they can even distribute UT3! They don't exactly have the PS2-level of game releases! Any decent title is welcomed in my opinion! Of course this is the internet, you can exaggerate that and say UT3 for PS3 doesn't have the balls of x360. (IGN PS3 score 8.5, IGN X360 score 9.4)

Without such support they would end up like the Dreamcast or Sega Saturn.

I knew what G_H_G was saying when PS3 came out. Forza 2 could've had 2 DVDs like Gran Turismo 2 had 2 CDs, but the extra media would cut into profits and Microsoft can get $60 outta everybody /w the 12 environments. Forza 2 is going to be a hot game when it comes out. It'll be at the bottom of top games at IGN and Gamespot. Most X360 owners are going to invest in Forza 2 because it's like GT and that's what happened in 2005. Forza 2 sold Xboxes above Gamecube sales in the USA.

I about all the tracks X360 can't decompress normally in Forza 2, the game extracts from 7zip files onto the HDD! That's clever, but it won't happen....for no reason. Makes me mad.

The only games X360 has multi-DVDs are Blue Dragon (3 DVDs) and Half-life 2 Orange Box (2 DVDs)?

The answer to this thread is NO... Blu-ray is not NEEDED for games right now!

You know Sony....rather waste 3/4 of a BD than have a DVD logo on the PS3 game.

and my ps1 is a launch console too and is still as strong as the day i got it

I find that hard to believe, but it's possible. Everybody with a PS1 (not PSone) said it had terrible lifespan. You had to turn it vertically or upside down, because something wore away the laser diode.

i was a bit slow hitting save so that's why this reply may look strange

Sony will still support the PS3 untill 2013/2014.

Sony will stop supporting it in 2012 with some RPG, but EA is going to put Madden on it in 2013 and 2014.

I was wondering if anyone expected their PS3 to last the full duration of this gen or do you expect to have to replace it?

My Xbox 360 lasted a year w/o issues, but it wasn't hardware failure, it was a grounding issue... The fact I didn't have a good surge protector.

New TUROK PS3 Screens!

I am trying really hard to find the superior game engine...Unreal Engine 3 or Cryengine 2.

Don't get me wrong...I paid more money on my Geforce 8800 GTX than i did on my PS3. Geforce 8800 GTX has 768 MB GDDR4 and runs Crysis. But I've been trying to get thru Final Fantasy 12 and am thinking of playing Rogue Galaxy now that i've bought it two days ago (before the extremely cold weather set in) and I admit, my analysis of these incredible engines are wearing thin. I'm still shocked that game engine in Cyrsis is that unbelievably real. My most realistic PC game is F.E.A.R. which is two years old so believe me I'm behind the times a bit.

Okay this is F.E.A.R on my computer and currently the best i have. Sorry. I feel ashamed I'm behind the times....

I still have Suikoden , my first and only RPG . I dont think it works anymore though , but was some real fun back in the day .

Great, I played that game too. I was playing it for 10 hrs. Try resurfacing it.

The game of recent has to be Parasite Eve II

Squaresoft making horror survival games didn't make sense to me. I was afraid to touch it when I bought PS1 in 2002.

You don't need to mod a PS2 to play backups either, not these days.

I know PCSX2 can't get up to 60 fps even on high-end PCs yet (Core 2 Duo, 2 Geforce 8800 GTX, 2 Gig RAM). Needs work to do this. Otherwise, I'm lost on how you can play backups on PS2s w/o modchips!

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