Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Revolution tech specs Revealed

I found the official Revolution specs from Nintendo. Nintendo believes that high resolution graphics don’t need to be HD therefore reducing the manufacturing cost by one half. Revolution is 2.5x the polygon output of the Gamecube. The Hollywood is based on the same agriculture as the Gamecube. We know that Nintendo will have 104 MB of T1-SDRAM, 16 MB of EDRAM, and 512 MB of internal HDD space to store ROMs and gamesaves. Revolution will have some cut down version of an IBM dual core 64-bit processor. Media will be single and dual layer DVD. Nintendo technical team is working with the original ArtX engineers. ArtX worked with Nintendo to build the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. We’ll have to see if Nintendo will package some free ROMs at retail! Hmm, the core system is expected to sell for $150 USD and games for $50 USD.

Known Games in development

Legend of Zelda
Metroid Prime
Kid Icuras
Super Mario 128
Super Smash Bros Melee Online
Ubisoft First Person Shooter (Far Cry Instincts)

Other technical specs

• WiFi with NDS
• Approx 2.5x better graphics than Gamecube
• Gamecube controllers ports and memory card ports on the right side
• Controller has a gyroscope
• NRV Controller used for NES/SNES games
• NRV Controller has analog stick attachment
• NRV Controller has spring loaded triggers
• Final version is smaller than the E3 prototype
• Neon light boarders the DVD input
• Revolution logo has DVDs for “Os”
• Fully compatible with Gamecube SDKs
• Launch date during Thanksgiving 2006
• 100% backwards compatible with Gamecube MiniDVDs.
• Plays movies for free
• Emulates N64, NES, SNES and quite possibly Sega Genesis and Gameboy
• Two USB 2.0 ports
• USB 10/100 RJ-45/Eternet jack.

Care to comment?

First of all is Nintendo right with the controller? Is the controller a revolution?


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