Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bought 2 new NDS games | Slow friendships these days mates

Tonight I’ve been listening to Cygnus X – Position 2002 over and over again. It’s a trance song and the female vocal has a nice voice. At midnight I bought Mario & Luigi Partners in Time and Mario Kart DS at Wal-mart. I’ve heard that Mario Kart DS has most cleverly executed game play and therefore simply the best Mario Kart ever created.

WITC called my house asking if I want to continue classes in January 2005. After what happened last year to me. I can take it though. I’m strong. In CCNA 1 class, I haven’t read as much as I should have which failed the class for me. I’m pissed off I don’t have many friends there. Friends come and go. But I knew I didn’t get help and none of the other students are gamers. I mean I really should read that book. Computers are my life. We’re suppose to work like bread and butter. Doesn’t seem too, but I’m focused. My future employer’s agent who interviewed me last Friday probably seen my current webpage with all the game pics, game list, room pics, stuff by now and it might’ve been a mistake. It was to prove I could design webpages which is now true. I should’ve worked more on it. With so little information I find it hard to add.

I’m afraid of writing game reviews. I’m afraid I’m not good enough, but that didn’t seem to stop me in the past. My older webpage has a whole bunch of reviews

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I am going to forget owning Xbox 360 this year because Microsoft recalling the entire stock they sold and the shipment back to the customer isn’t suppose to occur until 2006! The CPU heatsink is defective in 33% of the Xbox 360s released in the United States. What’s worse is the Windows partition on the HDD gives critical errors surpassing X360s with the fatal heat sink issue. When the Xbox 360 shuts down suddenly it’s a heatsink problem. When it shows the Screen of Death, it’s a operating system problem.


Kil55 said...

omfg your blog might be my new favorite blog. not only you are a game fan, you actually knew where my picture came from!! plus you are from modblog like me too!!! I used to have modblog but it got retarded and cracked down so i started to try blogger... what was your old account in modblog? I perhaps knew you!

Kil55 said...

aii aii i'm jealous of all your game plus nintendo ds ><

Ian's Smashing Good Blog Site said...

Thanks, Kil55