Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Randy visited | Bought Magna Carta

What did I do the last 4 days you’re asking? Play Star Ocean 3 - Till the End of Time and Wave Race Blue Storm on TV and stare at the web browser. The action-time battle system is pretty cool in Star Ocean 3. I am not suppose to use one character to fight everything, but it works so I do it. My characters have powerful enough weapons to win the battles.

Not the smartest of choices, but buying another Xbox 360 game would’ve been silly without the actual Xbox 360. So instead we went over at Toyriffic in Hudson, WI to buy Magna Carta Deluxe Box Set for $60. It wasn’t even my first choice. I got confused with all the games. I wanted something new and would’ve got Half-life 2 if I didn’t already own it. Magna Carta is another anime RPG. I must have 50 RPGs! Gees. I remember when I had only one console RPG! (Sometime in 2000)

Then my friend and I played ESPN NHL 2K5, Winning Eleven 8 International, and Katamari Damacy (weird ass game from Namco). Not my cup of tea, but I might play it on Wednesday. I shall play more videogames and read less Internet. I scored an own goal on myself, but won anyways. Randy sucks.

We talked about Wisconsin things such the Taurus RAGING BULL MODEL 444 .44 Magnum REVOLVER he wants to buy in the future for hunting deer or using at the target range. I bet it’s on his Christmas wish list too. Here’s the play list Randy and I listened to while driving around in River Falls, WI and Hudson, WI. 35 degrees that day. 25 degrees today with chance of light snow which is usual Wisconsin weather. 55 degrees down to 25 degrees in 24 hrs.

1. Alan Jackson - I don't need the Booze (3:15)
2. Garth Brooks - The Thunder Rolls (3:42)
3. Brooks & Dunn - She's Not The Cheatin' Kind (3:27)
4. Big & Rich - Big Time (3:56)
5. Dwight Yoakam - Guitars, Cadillacs (3:05)
6. Tim McGraw - She never lets it go to her heart (3:03)
7. Tim McGraw - It's your Love (3:45)
8. Brooks and Dunn - Little Miss Honkeytonk (3:02)
9. Tim McGraw - For a little while (3:33)
10. Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces (3:35)
11. confederate railroad - Daddy Never Was the Cadillac Kind (3:44)
12. Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman (3:30)
13. Garth Brooks - Rodeo (3:52)
14. confederate railroad - When you Leave that Way (4:12)
15. confederate railroad - Queen of Memphis (Club Mix) (6:07)
16. Big & Rich - Rollin' (Ballad of Big and Rich) (4:50)
17. Garth Brooks - To Stand outside the Fire? (3:51)
18. Allison Krauss - When You Say Nothing At All (4:07)
19. Alan Jackson - Chattahoochee (2:28)
20. Brooks and Dunn - Ain't nothing about you (3:21)
21. Alan Jackson - Mercury (3:38)
22. Garth Brooks - The Dance (3:40)
23. Garth Brooks - American Honky-Tonk Bar (3:32)
24. Tim McGraw - My best friend (4:39)
25. Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine (4:39)

I picked up the Mario Kart DS and it plays as well as Super Mario Kart should. If you like Nintendo characters you’ll like it a lot. My favorite character is either Mario or Peach. I’m a fan of the N64 and SNES tracks. I believe in order to unlock the remaining 4 I had to place 1st in every one of those on 150cc.

And I need to check up on the registration of Century College yet and take an orientation. I’ll be taking some required writing, math, and speaking some English report. I shall record MP3s at home when I’m confidant.

If I went to Best Buy to spend money today I’d bankrupt myself. Being a smart lad. I won’t buy the expensive computer hardware. I could get those insanely popular Apple iPods Gen 4, but the fact remains I have two mp3 players already. I want an Xbox 360. And Nintendo hasn’t given me any idea what they’re developing for Revolution! It’s impossible to get excited for it.

Here’s my Trance playlist I play in my room while I read internet game reviews and drink soda.

1. Paul van Dyk - For An Angel ’94 (7:45)
2. Underworld - Dark Train (10:05)
3. ATB – 9PM till I come (3:15)
4. Push - Journey of Life (rank 1 remix) (5:45)
5. Rank 1 - Airwave (4:33)
6. Cygnus X - Superstring (4:58)
7. DJ Sasha & John Digweed - Enjoy The Silence (7:45)
8. BT - Flaming June (3:20)
9. Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall 2002 (Original Mix) (5:07)
10. Jacob & Mendez - Moondust (Airbase Remake) (9:16)
11. Underworld - Born slippy (9:44)
12. Sasha - Xpander (9:36)
13. Armin Van Buuren - Solar Stone (5:53)
14. Cygnus X - Positron 2002 (Marco V remix) (4:06)
15. Chicane - Offshore (1997) (3:05)
16. Armin Van Buuren - Blue Fear 2003 (7:33)
17. Moonman - Galaxia (Solar Stone Remix) (5:06)
18. paul van dyk - another way (3:25)
19. Push - Universal Nation (5:50)
20. ATB – Hold You (Club Mix) (5:03)
21. Armin Van Buuren - Astronauts (8:27)
22. DJ Sasha & John Digweed - Always (Psychedelic Martini Mix) (3:39)
23. ATB - Don't Stop (3:40)
24.) Binary Finary – 1999 (3:25)

Bob’s still working at Home Depot in Minnesota. He said to me they’re working him hard. He’s likes those rock. We haven’t seen each other for months because he’s always working. Last time I saw him was when Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith was in theaters.

This life of mine really sounds interesting don’t it?

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