Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Firefox getting slower?

On July 3rd, I drove to Shop Ko and bought Kirby Canvas Curse. I’ve had tried Kirby out and Canvas Curse uses the stylist for a point and touch action game. By touching Kirby with the stylist he’ll do a spin attack (like Sonic the Hedgehog). Canvas Curse is single most popular Dual Screen game at Gamerankings. Touch an enemy make him/her dizzy. The music sounds very cute by comparison with Wipeout Pure or Ridge Racer. Kirby Canvas Curse is the highest rated Dual Screen game out so it shall be popular within a few weeks.

Yesterday, I was watching Alien (©1979 Fox) on VHS during the Windows NTFS formatting and installation. The computer aspect of the movie aged nicely. That’s also the problem. It feels like the future with a 80s computer twist which the special effects team borrowed from 2001: A Space Odyssey including HAL super computer thing, some of the narrow passages, and that capsule where astronauts sleep in.

Afterwards, according to the Processes tab in Task Manager, Mozilla Firefox 1.0.5 uses twice as much memory as Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4! You’ll have better luck waiting for Firefox 1.0.6 when available. It was mentioned on the changes thread that 1.0.5 was slower loading. It’s true. I may have to re-install the Guild Wars I’ve once had thought was my favorite game.

Bob couldn’t make it over Tuesday and I’m sad. Sad that we only talked about Blu-ray over MSN messenger and how a burner cost you $1000! BD-RAM concept is obsolete. DVD-RAM was the last of the RAM cartridges.

I’ve seen “The Thing from Another World” on Turner Movie Classics for the first time. It stars James Arness (very tall guy in Gunsmoke who plays Marshal Matt Dilon.) who plays the monster which looks a lot like the Creature from the Lost Lagoon. The Thing from Another World was above average for 1950 era sci-fi films. Gotta mention its good plot…..which is…well…good. James also starred in four Gunsmoke movies from 1987 to 1992. Gunsmoke – Return to Dodge (1987) had the original Gunsmoke cast members. No matter, I’m not into westerns lately.

I was watching the Minnesota Twins beat the Angels. Twins own the youngest talent in the pro baseball which isn’t as talented as half the teams in MLB, but manage to win due to teamwork and good minor league players. Milwaukee Brewers have a bigger salary than the Twins. The Twins have a $40,000,000 salary cap compared to the White Soxs’ $85,000,000 salary cap. The Twins haven’t had a power hitter since Kent Herbeck in ‘87. Kirby Puckett (1984 – ‘94) was a line backer who made it to the Hall of Fame. He’s most famous for hitting a grand slam in the 11th inning that won the ’91 World Series. Twins won dependant every year since 2001 except this season when the White Soxs are ‘white hot’ having one of the best starts in baseball history stealing the central title from the Twins who are 8 games behind.

Conker Live and Reloaded is Conker’s Bad Fur Day in discuses and Rareware’s biggest title since Star Fox Adventures. I haven’t played Conker’s Bad Fur Day for N64 yet .I’ve heard it was very funny. The UK developer released Grabbed by the Ghoulies on Xbox since Rare joined Microsoft Gaming Studios. CL&R could well be mistaken for an Xbox 360 title because it’s graphics were a 10/10. I’ll sleep on what videogame to purchase next.

On a lighter note, I’ve beaten R-Type Final already and plays exactly like Gradius V. Short, but amongst the best looking 2D side scrolling shooters. There are only 6 levels, but makes up in length. The boss was hard since I wasn’t able to find the weakness unlike the other bosses. R-Type is normally above my skill level so I activated the infinite lives code. There is no pride playing with infinity health. R-Type Final is advancer than most old school side scrolling shooters, because it’s new which is more than I can say for the genre at large. Iren never creates anything else other than R-Type. Can’t say I love nor hate it.

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