Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bought Super G router and 4 Super G NICs for $320

Today, I drove into Woodbury to buy some videogames including a tactical RPG called Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome and Mega Man X5. Makai Kingdom was a strange Japanese game scoring 7.5 out of 10 so without thinking I had bought it. All I did was visit and saw the just arrived box.

Yesterday, I knew the installation date on my broadband service – August 5th. Dad is buying one fairly expensive 802.11 Super G router (Netgear WPN824 + 3 Super G WiFi NICs + 1 802.11G CT card for laptops.) I found out about Super G while looking on the internet two days ago. Super G is 108 Megabits instead of 54 Megabits. All the equipment cost my dad $320. We had to have wireless in our house. CAT5 is too clumsy to network where I live. Having increased freedom to move about is great. The new router has an internal antenna and the newest technology (Multiple In Multiple Out with 128-bit WIP encryption and signal bending technology.) The satellite modem requires MIMO support. I won’t need to worry about mixed B/G single reduction because every computer gets it’s very own Super G network card!

My Super G Router

Most people don’t own or require WiFi networks even though everyone here knows WiFi networks are popular. Do you realize I had a CAT4 HUB in my house before and the network coming to my house is over 10 times faster! I’ll spare you the details.

Bob didn’t visit me last week. I told him about August 5th over the instant messenger and he gave me thumbs up on that. Bob has a 1.5 Megabit connection. Then I told him about not owning a webcam. He has one and shares his face over the internet via Yahoo Messenger. I am use to seeing webcam slideshows of him over dialup.

[One day later] I met with the IT consolers and we talked about possible job situations. This Norwegian person called Sonya and she’ll help me get a job wherever. It could be web design. I could be making gaming sites for customers. I was actually not hyper or interruptive, but a gentleman in front of those people. Was this smart of me? Possibly. I starred into her eyes to see if she would back out and she wouldn’t. Allen was the other guy, but just a supervisor although he commented.


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