Thursday, July 14, 2005

Buying either iPod Gen4 or Zen Touch today | Ian's Videogame Beaten list

I went to ThreeBlue’s blog and looked at the soccer links thinking soccer really isn’t that bad. Personally, I buy every Winning Eleven videogame that comes out owning three so far. I’ve only seen the 3D graphics of the players and stadiums and British announcers talking who plays what position. Videogames are intelligent enough for the announcers to talk more natural adjusting names within their sentences which surprise me WE9 is coming out August 9, 2005 and shall be bought the first week

The AI knows all the game rules and actually plays itself with aggression, but I much rather be USA or Canada or Germany. The AI has improved since WE6. WE6 can easily match the graphics quality and AI of other soccer games from what I’ve had read. We’re on WE8 which improved team play further. Though there are several cosmetic changes, many subtle alterations have taken place under the hood, and they make WE8 a much more challenging game than previous editions. Players also behave more according to their stats, especially in the case of the large group of licensed stars. Each player animation is now more individual, creating the impression that you're seeing a collection of players on field, rather than a team of clones. Each leans into a kick, or spins away from a tackle in a way that seems personal, rather than programmed. An additional benefit is that Konami has noticeably improved the in-game menus. The result is that moving through the game's front end is much more pleasant.

Later today, I was planning to buy an Ipod which is popular, but then I’ve had heard of its so/so (although better than mine) battery life running on some lithium ion battery. So I decided to go for the Creative Labs Zen Touch 20 GB MP3 player for $220. Apple iPods are great because they have the best sound and above average features and price cuts all the time. Taking 3 seconds longer with a Zen Touch won’t bother me because I know I’m getting much better battery life than either my current one or Generation 4 iPod. If I can play MP3s for 25+ hours I’m all for it. I don’t need AAC, MP4, WMA, WAV, because that’s not what I can find off the Internet. I’m not attacking iPod owners. I’m just telling my point-of-view on the Zen Touch. Afterwards, I was also looking at Cowon iAudio X5 said to offer a 16-bit color LCD, but not as good battery life for $70 more. I saw the NW-HD3, but that wasn’t available to me cheaply. Fact remains, if I was getting a 40 GB MP3 player I would’ve gotten a HP Ipod instead. I’ve all the songs I wanted to listen to on my current Archos Jukebox 20 (2002 model) filling up 11 GB. I could free up 3 GB on that and put it on my new one use both. If I have a working mp3 player why in the world would I purchase another one? I keep saying better battery life to myself. I’m doing this so I can hear near CD quality music off the internet and take it with me

Today, I am listening to some of the rock music on my external hard drive like Metallica and some country music songs I remember in grade school. I am quite tired now…been up for 14 hours. Saw Star Gate first time in years….which is a boring movie. Then I saw The Man Who Cried starring Christina Ricci about a Russian Jew raised in 1930s UK and moved to Paris where she became a showgirl. That was boring also. Fell a sleep in the chair while watching it.

Wonders what my friends have been doing these pass weeks and when I’ll met one of the two again. They’re obviously working during mid-day which I understand. Wonders why no one calls me.

I have an employment meeting tomorrow. It’ll be about computer jobs in general. I’ll try to be polite. I can be rather provocative when it’s my decision. I can tell the DVR person what I want, but the truth is I don’t know exactly. Not knowledgeable enough about the computer industry. Nervous. Can’t think well. Should I bring the game tester / designer comment up or is that a bogus dream of long ago. I have to narrow it down to 5 or less. Difficult.

To top this journal entry off I’ve decided to release the games I’ve beaten in my lifetime and that aren’t a whole lot. I thought heck it’s just text…I could add it to the end and won’t matter to the modem.

Games I have beaten are…..


1. Black and White (once)
2. Diablo
3. Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction
4. Doom 3 (normal difficulty)
5. Dungeon Siege
6. Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind
7. Half-life
8. Half-life 2 (normal difficulty)
9. Kings Quest VII: The Princeless Bride
10. Oregon Trail 2
11. Simcity 2000
12. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic


1. Final Fantasy VIII
2. Legend of Dragoon
3. Mega Man X4
4. Mega Man X6
5. R4 – Ridge Racer Type 4


Mario Kart Super Circuit


1. Banjo Kazooie
2. Crusin USA
3. Extreme G
4. Extreme G 2
5. Goldeneye
6. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.
7. Mario Kart 64
8. Perfect Dark
9. Star Fox 64
10. Star Wars Shadows of the Empire
11. Super Mario 64
12. Turok 2 – Seeds of Evil

Sega Dreamcast

1. Crazy Taxi
2. Grandia 2
3. Rayman 2
4. Resident Evil 2
5. Resident Evil 3
6. Resident Evil Code Veronica
7. Sega Rally 2
8. Soul Caliber (Arcade Mode with 6 characters)
9. Skies of Arcadia
10. Speed Devils
11. Sonic Adventure
12. Sonic Adventure 2


1. Extreme G 3
2. Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
3. Mario Kart Double Dash
4. Metroid Prime
5. Resident Evil
6. Resident Evil 4
7. Sonic the Hedgehog
8. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
9. Sonic the Hedgehog 3
10. Star Fox Adventures
11. Super Mario Sunshine
12. TimeSplitters 2

Playstation 2

1. Contra Shattered Soldier
2. Final Fantasy X
3. Final Fantasy X-2
4. Grand Theft Auto 3
5. Gradius V
6. Ico
7. Jak
8. Jak 2
9. Jak 3
10. Kingdom Hearts
11. R-Type Final
12. Silpheed Lost Planet
13. Stella Deus Gates of Eternity
14. Xenosaga Episode 2 Beyond Good or Evil


1. Dead or Alive 3
2. Fable
3. Halo
4. Halo 2
5. Guilty Gear X2 Reloaded
6. Rallisport Challenge.
7. Unreal Championship 2

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