Tuesday, July 19, 2005

3.9 Terabyte HVD DISC in the making! Holy Crap

After searching Google on information on the generation after Blu-ray & HD-DVD I’ve came up with Holographic Versatile Disc. The 2x HVD-ROM is 40 times faster than a 16x DVD-ROM. It’ll be able to read CDs and DVDs. The HVDs use a blue-green laser. I could fit my console and PC games + my whole mp3 collection on 1 HVD with space left over. The project is financed by the HVD Alliance with Toshiba as the primary investor. The companies who invested in HVD are:

• CMC Magnetics Corporation
• Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.
• Konica Minolta Optical, Inc.
• Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd.
• EMTEC (MPO International)
• Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.
• Toshiba Corporation
• Optware Corporation
• Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd.
• Ovalrock
• Software Architects, Inc.
• Toagosei Co., Ltd.

HVD uses a 532nm blue green laser at a .125 Gigabyte/second transfer rate. 16x DVDs transfer 1350 kB/s. HVDs bothers me because I’ve only been able to burn on DVDs within the last 16 months. Consumer HVDs will start appearing in 2007 at the cost of Blu-ray is now. You could fit 213 full DVD movies on that very one disc according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia quotes, “the books in one of the largest libraries in the world, the US Library of Congress, contain about 20 terabytes of ANSI text.” If US congress hires people to transfer book text into digital text for Internet all day is beyond me, but it seems like a realistic assumption. Someone who can accord the really expensive HVD burner burns the information on DL-HVD (3.9 GB) – data would be outdated within weeks. The world is ready for HVD. Nero Burning Rom 6 supports DL-HD-DVD and DL-Blu-ray discs already. I was like…Wow! Historical data is okay, but other data that changes a lot shall be kept on CD or DVDs. My Cisco books are illegal to bring to my college class. The information in them is still good, but not bleeding edge any longer. Brings up my thought of downloading free Linux. I tend to play around with Knoppix a lot. I stopped installing Suse or Redhat partitions on my HDD fore I fell in love with LiveCDs

Sunday, I’ve installed Doom 3 and Battlefield 2 onto my hard drive after I’ve bought BF2 at Target at 1 AM Saturday. Downloaded and installed the newest patch (v1.2) for Battlefield 2. I went into the single player campaign and couldn’t find a way get out of the spectator mode. What I needed was in-your-face action! I selected my Special Forces rifle and platoon (bots) than the enemy’s platoon, but the game began without me! Battlefield 2 gives me control of GIs, aircraft, boats, tanks, “2 1/2”, gun turrets, and all the 21st century weapons. After spending 15 minutes figuring out how to start fragging….I just gave up. This FPS looks fun BTW. Six months ago I’ve played Call of Duty. It’s probably something very simple. Something I can solve if I tried.

Saturday night, my mother required a memory stick /w more storage for my 3.3 Megapixel camera. She’d bought the Memory Stick Pro so I had to reinsure that she bought the memory stick instead. I got to install that 256 MB memory stick into my USB thumb drive!

That employment interview didn’t happen Friday. An important person required to make the magic happen wasn’t available. She had urgent business to attend to. A pain in the ass was what it was.

When I was in the DVR building, my dad was speaking to my employment consoler about the state of Germany in the 60s. The reason why I am living today is my father hadn’t gone to Vietnam in the beginning. Afterwards, my dad got into a conversation about late 80s Internet because it loosely had to do with industrial networking now-a-days. The network techies haven’t came to my house to install Wild Blue (two way satellite service) yet. I hate the county…. here I am with twelve days left in the month with no broadband access!

[2.5 hours later] Aunt Lois and I came back from New Richmond after not finish seeing War of the Worlds. I was staring at some sophomores and I’ve heard them chatting about that guy behind them who was looking at them (me). Yes, I was looking at them because it’s been very long since I’ve seen 16 yrs olds do their “girlie chat.” I wanted to say hello, but feared my aunt would see me talking to sophomores. They didn’t know me, but I could have sworn I’ve had heard, “that man’s face looks like that blog I was looking at.” I must’ve been thinking that thought which scared the jebbers out of me. I’ve heard words “barely ahead” over and over again so I left and the words in my head went away. It was 15 minutes into the War of the Worlds when Tom Cruise just saw “encounters of the 1st kind” in the sky. I told my aunt that I chickened out. At home, I called Bob (my pal) who was driving to work from New Richmond unlike normal.

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Brand new videogames:

• Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (©2005 DICE)
• Star Wars Battlefront (©2005 Lucas Arts)

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