Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hammond's F2 Tornado on June 11th

Here are some images from Saturday’s tornado six miles away from my house. The Feds came to analyze the damage Sunday and came up with the total. The next day I read it in the local news paper. People and their cameras taken pictures.....wanting to prove there is a tornado. Maybe the weather station picks it up on their Doppler guys? Get shelter why don't yeah? If a tornado hit my house I would be angry at all that software gone to waste. Not only that, but my PCs, LCD TV, and radios would be dysfunctional.

The F2 tornado touched down on the 9th tee of the Hammond Golf Course which is the first place I see when I enter Hammond from Roberts. It took down 20 trees in the golf course. The tornado took a five-mile trip through town. A total of 24 buildings had some damage; only eight had major damage. There were no reports of any injuries. If there was a relief effort and I had money I would donate $20. Right now the damage is covered by people’s insurance companies and Wisconsin’s natural disaster funds.

Total Damage 3.6 million
Total Deaths: 1 death
Hammond, WI Population: approx 1400 people (not all in town though)

Somewhere in Hammond

Okay, it was more like 3 miles at one time. That water tower is Roberts.

satellite view of Hammond


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Pretty cool!

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Very interesting. Wish you had more updates with your blog. Great post!

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