Thursday, June 02, 2005

Used a hex editor on SNES Station and failed | Found 81st PS2 game | Went to Bob's house

I've tried doing the memory card way and I can run Super Mario RPG on the PS2. However, I want to boot the roms off CDR! Max Media Center will crash if I add SMC files to it. I tried renaming the ROMS to SMD, but SNES Station didn't recognize that extension. I believe there is an *.int system file which approves SMD instead of SMC, and I want it so I can modify it so I can burn the CD with SNES Station on it! If I rename the SNES Station ELF file to autoexec.elf the Playstation 2 will boot SNES Station instead of PGEN.

I had failed using a hex editor on SNES Station. Max Media Center doesn’t support child folders or SMC files required to play Super Nintendo videogames. I don’t know how I can add ROMs to memory cards & would doubt someone will just tell me.

SNES Station didn’t show a picture, but I used the XVI hex editor to change SMC to SMD in the encrypted script than adding a ROM Folder using text to binary translation, but had no clue where to add the “string”. My ELF was corrupted. These are steps I took that didn’t work. However, I believe I had the right idea and in the same ballpark.

Step 1: I’ve extracted SNES Station from it’s Zip File.
Step 2: Opened the Elf file in the hex editor.
Step 3: Found Search, Find in the menu bar.
Step 4: Typed in SMC in the search tool so I could modify C with D.
Step 5: deleted the word “rom” in the ELF executable hopefully so SNES station won’t look for the ROM folder and will find files in the root directory.
Step 6: Used the command prompt to change all SMC files to SMD

Step 7: added the SMD files plus the ELF file into Max Media Creator
Step 8: Press Create button in the program to burn the CD.

Where did I go wrong? The elf file didn’t work on the thumb drive either. I want to contact the programmer responsible for SNES Station and ask him if he could modify SNES station to read ROMs using A.R.M.E.E.

Tuesday, I visited Bob at his house. He and I were good friends up till April 2004. The only one person I know who likes heavy metal. He gave me his address so I printed out a map off the Internet, passed his house & drove to Star Prairie (12 mile detour.) I called him on my cell phone and he told me his house is by Pete’s Pizza exactly where he was. After I’ve found his house we’ve chatted about what to do. We’ve took a bit of a “WisconTrip to the bank.” I’ve said much about my newest videogames including Forza Motorsport. Bob’s roommate Jim lives upstairs. I gave him trance collection and his response is boring. His retina was sort of dilated meaning he basically hates it a lot! I’ve noticed while over there his PS2 is very dusty, but he won’t sell his games to anyone.

Bob has cats including one Siamese kitten he calls Baby, and I forgot what he calls the other kitten. Afterwards, he shown me Everquest 2 and I’ve suggested Guild Wars plays a lot like it. In my opinion, Guild Wars is amongst the best in PC Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. His new PC is a lot more powerful than his old one before his motherboard got fried during a thunderstorm last year. Bob owns an Athlon XP 2800, 1024MB of RAM, and a 128-MB DDR ATI Radeon 9250SE or something similar. Jim builds all his friends’ computers for free! Everquest II plays well on his computer, and plays a barbarian Half-Ogre with a magic enchanted long sword wearing a chain mail & steal helmet He doesn’t have money to afford the newest hardware. Bob might purchase Guild Wars so I can play with him. We went Burger King and I ordered a Double Whopper Value Meal which Bob paid for and reimbursed him when we ate at his house.

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Yesterday, I drove to Target and spent $35 on a 32 MB PS2 memory card. The two memory cards before today are lost forever. I’ve found the missing Gran Turismo 4 DVD in the Saving Private Ryan case.

Today, I was playing Gran Turismo 4. I’ve cheated by activating the turbo boost cheat forcing the 2002 Mini Cooper S to loose control. In the end, there’s a special replay to let me know the game knows I cheated! Gran Turismo 4 is a must own videogame for PS2 with the best mix of graphics or game play. Except the other racing games are very good especially Gran Turismo 3 - A Spec. It’s possible to trade Gran Turismo 4 for Sly 2 - Band of Thieves. Otherwise, I could always sell it to my friend Randy for $40.

I’ve found out Grandia 3 (videogame) isn’t coming to North America. This game looks more like Grandia 2 than Grandia Xtreme which were 3D with a renaissance period storyline. Square-Enix may or may not change their mind about Grandia 3 coming out in USA. Game Arts sets high standards in development in all their games. Grandia 2 was Dreamcast’s most popular RPG in the US. The foreign language is the only issue I have with buying imports.


dracoszuldare said...

hi, quite a collection you got going for you. i too have a vast collection, i am just too lazy to write all of them down. #1:i was wondering did you figure out how to play snes roms on the action replay for ps2? #2:i am still working on trying to get the sega games to work. the max media software did not accept my cdrw, so i am trying to use nero to burn them , i have not yet got it yet. something about burning a .cue file. so if you could go though the process with me it would be of great help. and #3: i have herd that somehow you can play snes roms on sega dreamcast, by burning a iso image. do you know this trick and is it as simple as it sounds? , thank you for your time, write me back or email me:

Ian's Smashing Good Blog Site said...

The Max Media Center does a special partition to the CD that Nero can't do. The MMC should be able to see hte burner too. Otherwise install MMC on some other PC /w the roms.