Saturday, May 07, 2005

Talked to Bob who I haven't met in 5 months | Bought and played Guild Wars Online PC game

Bob ignored me for the pass six months, but I decided I had the guts to call him back on his cell phone yesterday. He works in a town 10 minutes a way from where I live so I drove to the gas station in the evening after the electricity suddenly went out, and that’s the first time this year too. My dad was sleeping so I had to wake him, because the garage door was locked or was it? Anyhow, he used his muscles to get the garage door open for me so I could see my former best friend Bob. I hanged out in the Freedom gas station for 3 hours and it there were few people around at that time of night. Talked about videogames with him and told him about my big collection. Bob says he lives in a house with his friend Jim who is a nerd. Jim lives with his girlfriend and their 2 yr old daughter (they aren’t married yet.) He’s suppose to be very smart at what he does best…figuring out many software problems by himself. Bob told me how I shall buy Everquest 2 and have him pay the subscription fee so we can play together. I wasn’t sure about it. To get off the Everquest 2 topic I’ve had instead suggested Guild Wars to him where the men are buffed up and the women are run-a-way babes with nice curves and wear bikini mails (the female elementists anyhow.) I’d showed him Lumines for PSP. He didn’t care for it partly because PSP wasn’t important. As I was standing around talking to him there were young adults coming in picking up a 12 pack of Budweiser so I stand around not look interested. You know it’s one of those young men who still wear their high school jeans and cap backwards, but who cares…it’s their style….I’m still a stranger from the country who likes computers, but the new kind who likes technology! I’m really behind in my urban lifestyle wisdom. There is no time like the present. I’ve stayed here talking to him to about 11pm before I headed back home. Bob listened to The Perfect Circle (loves that band.) Perfect Circle is on the edge of vocal rock and heavy metal. They’re okay in my opinion, but not as groovy. Perhaps that’s because I’m listening to dance music it made me uneasy at the beginning, until I ‘veheard it wasn’t metal so I was fine, because everyone listens to heavy metal in Wisconsin. There is your Country crowd (small portion), your hip hop crowd (largest portion), and your heavy metal crowd (2nd largest portion). I’m like half way between the trance crowd and the heavy metal crowd. More unique than many people. Bob said he phone me tomorrow so meanwhile I’ll play Guild Wars which is fine too, because it’s simply stunning to look at.

My digital camera came in the mail two days ago, but my mom has the flash media card I require to take pictures and I am unable to pay her. The leather case which came with the box is made out of cow hide instead of deer hide. O-well. It won’t help me take pictures.

Today, I’ve bought Guild Wars at the local department store….that’s where the catch 22 comes in. On Wednesday, I’ve had drove to both Target and Wal-mart to find it’s sold out….came back again today to get it again.

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I’ve been reading Game Spy’s Guild Wars review and installed it before an hour to downloading 2 patches, but the actual game seems exceptionally fast over dial up. Believe me, I know this, because I’ve experienced many games over a modem, and this has one of the best 3D action of nearly all of them (retail version isn’t buggy at all.) I’ve set the game at 1600x1200 resolution with 4x anti-analyzing which is processed with 2 GB of RAM and 3.2 GHz CPU. Look for yourself, the screenshot is indeed above average. This game looks better than Xbox 360 game shots in my opinion! Graphics are 9.5 out of 10 for sure, but pretty good looking on my PC. Guild Wars is a free online RPG.

I had called Target today, and the store hasn’t even heard of Forza Motorsport! I spoke to a teenager clerk, but rather I was in control so I hung up while he was searching for the game. I mean Forza Motorsport has been out since May 3rd. That game is Xbox’s equivalent to Gran Turismo 4 and currently Xbox’s best racing game. Graphics wise it’s every bit as good as Project Gotham 2. Forza Motorsport is going to be my next purchase, after I can find more money. I’m broke again. I want to start off fighting worms until I can build her up to level 1 and beyond. That takes time which I have plenty of. So the guy asked me to stay on the line.

I might move out of my parent’s place with in the next 6 months. We’re getting into tiny conflicts lately so I stay in my room and look at the Internet all day long. I don’t hate my parents, but rather don’t like them sometimes, and we do have our differences. I checked out for a job at Home Depot and I plan to call more places tomorrow.

[May 08, 2005] Today, I called Bob who said he’s working all day, so I’ve been playing Guild Wars from 7:10AM to 12:30PM over dial up and timed out 2 times. I’ve made two friends had got up to level 3 and died only 2 times. So far we thought we could level up so we’re able to quests the game has. We’ve figured out the best way to spend our time is to level up constantly via killing everything in site as long as it doesn’t kill us first and thus we had fought the creatures we knew we would win against. My xfire account shall of said that I’ve logged on three hours in Guild Wars. That’s my proof I’ve been playing this game for several hours. Its seems like some of the personal commands in the chat window are /help, /dance, /wave, /sit, /jump, /flute, /drums, / guitar, /laugh, /head pounding, /clap, /shout, /yes, /no and probably several more.

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