Sunday, May 15, 2005

Speculating Xbox 720 Specs | Able to run Sega Genesis Emulation on my Playstation 2

Well everyone, I had missed the Xbox 360 special. I’ve heard it had a lot of music in it. In my opinion, the show was suppose to be about the Xbox 360’s games and previews, but it was mostly concert. Anyhow, has news on it.

Today has been interesting. Randy has gone deer bow hunting for the weekend up North without his dad because his dad answered the phone when I asked for him. Randy really likes to deer hunt you know, and has been buck hunting with his family for 10 years.

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Genesis Emulation on standard Playstation 2

Anyhow, two days ago, I’ve bought an Action Replay Max Evo Edition which allows ELF files to run on my Playstation 2 or PStwo. An ELF file is always an emulator. The two emulators able to run on my PS2 were SNES Station and PGEN. A.R.M.E.E runs Genesis ROMs out of the box. Genesis games on PC or console with SMD file extension. Max Media Center formats CDs that’ll work in A.R.M.E.E. Media Player. PGEN’s instant saving function makes up for the Game Genie. Emulation is perfect in my opinion. PGEN is based off the best Genesis emulator for PC, GENS. The Emulator loads itself and the ROM into RAM so the game won’t freeze. In fact, I could eject the CD and the game will continue running. The storage limit is 600 MB. For $40 this is good deal, because I’ve 80 Sega Genesis games I can play on my PS2 ….

I figured out maybe if when I find my PS2 memory card, I could format it and save 1 ROM onto it via Action Replay’s memory card management software. Problem is always deleting game saves off the memory card, and my game saves are worth more than any old game. With A.R.M.E.E., I had bought my code lists patches in a sense. Now I can download code lists straight off thumb drive given too me. I can leave the 3 MB worth of codes on the thumb drive and it would have all the codes of any game I own in my collection so I can cheat in the RPGs like I’ve done for 3 years without the slow process of inputting numbers.

[May 16, 2005] I’ve deleted my ROM list in this entry because no body cared for it when the list existed. Anyhow, I am so happy I got to play Phantasy Star IV – End of the Millennium on my LCD TV. The game looks better than Phantasy Star II and III. Phantasy Star IV starts again on a planet where the mother brain is starting to produce monsters again and the crews have to save the planet *again*. The cut scenes are interesting. I played that for 4 hours the other day. I have a problem of not playing my old games especially my Genesis games. It could be because they’re old, but I bought these games to own some history before the 32-bit generation. I remember the good times I was playing Super Mario Bros. on a Nintendo only last month. My friend says that everybody into videogames shall at least played Super Mario Bros on NES once because it’s a classic. I said, “Whatever, Randy.”

Xbox 720 Speculation For Fun

I was also going to speculate Xbox 720’s future specs estimate by the way technology is advancing with Xbox 360. It was something to post in this slow transition time when there is nothing new to post on the forums. Comment if you wish.

• Since Xbox had a Pentium 3 at 733 MHz vs. the IBM Xbox 360 CPU at 3.2 GHz I shall suggest that Xbox 720 has 4 times the MHz as Xbox 360s CPU. So Xbox 720 will have a six or nine core 64-bit CPU clocking at 12.6 GHz made by IBM in 2010 remember.

• Xbox had only 64 MB of shared RAM because the money was spent on the XGPU, a modified Nvidia Geforce 3 with 128 MB GDDR clocking at 200 MHz, I suggest that the RAM of the Xbox 720 will be 2048 MB of RAM or as much RAM as my PC has now in 2005.

• The Xbox 360 has a 256-bit GDDR2 ATI GPU clocking at 500 MHz so I think I'll double it saying the Xbox 720 GPU will be approximately 512-MB GDDR3 DRR at a whopping 1 GHz in 2010.

• I think the Xbox 720 will 512 MB as standard storage in flash media cards.

• The Xbox 720 disc ROM drive will have the currently classified ROM which Blu-ray and HD-DVD manufactures are putting together holding as much storage as Blu-ray Discs or 25 GB.

• The controllers will similar to the Xbox 360 controller and probably will be wireless as well. For Xbox games the two triggers above the L and R triggers replaces the Xbox 1 controller’s white and black buttons.

• The Xbox 720 will be smaller than Xbox 360.

• The Xbox 720 will have 802.11G unlike Xbox 360's 802.11B connection

Games to add to list:

None today. New ROMs, but I have respect too. I only count the physical cartridge form of software I own.

Bye, that’s all for now.


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